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"The First Grader"

No description

Valeria Skarbek

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of "The First Grader"

"The First Grader"
Before Viewing: Warm-Up
You have one minute to list five to seven characteristics of a good teacher. We will share them as a class.

During Viewing Activity
Students will need to divide a piece of paper into two columns.
In the left column, students jot down main events they observe in the movie.
After viewing
, students write their reflections or reactions to these events in the right column.
(You will use these notes in your electronic journal response after you have finished viewing the movie.)
After Viewing: Discussion Questions
1. Should education be free for students? If so, who should pay for it?

2. Do you think Teacher Jane should have allowed Maruge into the primary school? Why or why not?

3. Why does Teacher Jane risk so much to help Maruge? How do we as individuals determine what is worth fighting for?

4. Maruge tells the reporters, “The power is in the pen.” What does he mean?

5. Kipruto, the superintendent of schools, tells Maruge, “The past is always present.” Give at least 2 historical examples to support this statement.

6. Maruge was teased and mocked by community members for attending school. But he was determined to succeed and ignored the hecklers. Why do you think the
members of the community acted this way towards Maruge?

7. The government offers Maruge compensation as a way to make up for the suffering he endured in the prison camps. Do you agree with that gesture? What else could a government do for individuals that have been so deeply wronged?
Electronic Journal Entry Assignment
Format: Present your reactions and research in a Prezi.

1. Reflect on your reactions to the movie from your class notes. What surprised you in the movie? Why did it surprise you? Give at least 2 examples and explanations.

2. Briefly research the education system in Kenya. Compare and contrast it with the education system in the United States. Please add at least 2 relevant maps, images and/or videos to your text to make it visually stimulating. Be sure to cite the URLs of all of your sources.
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