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Emerald Glass Frog


Meredith L

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Emerald Glass Frog

Emerald Glass Frog Description: Range and Habitat nocturnal
it is a bio-indicator
scientific name is centrolenidae Interesting Facts www.mudfooted.com References: Meredith L.
& Carly L. Habitat: Dipsas Longiferis
(Snake) Emerald Glass Frog Mosquitos Food Pyramid of the Emerald Glass Frog Mosquitos Emerald Glass Frog Dipsas Longiferis Lives in: Description and Diet Diet: nocturnal Emerald Glass Frog at night Mother laying her eggs Transparent Lime green Black spots Length 31 mm Bugs Mosquitos Leaves Flies And sometimes its own babies
got its name from its transparet skin its a bio-indicator good camoflage lay their eggs above streams or rivers Facts: South America Central America North America Rainforest (canopy level) Near rapid streams Clear areas Nocturnal Eats the Emerald Glass Frog: Facts: Got its name from its transparet skin Emerald Glass Frog eats: Good camouflage Lives in trees Lay their eggs in trees above rivers Description and Diet www.kidsbiology.com www.transparent-glass-frog.com
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