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Bantugan : A Maranao Epic

No description

kristine valbuena

on 18 March 2017

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Transcript of Bantugan : A Maranao Epic

Prince Bantugan was a great warrior and because of his bravery, no one dared attack Bumbaran.

The king became envious of him and in a fit of jealousy prohibited everyone in the kingdom from speaking with Bantugan under pain of death.
Saddened by this decree, Bantugan decided to leave Bumbaran forever, and travel around the world.

He fell sick and died at the gate of the palace of the Kingdom-between-Two-Seas.

Princess Datimbang of that Kingdom and her king-brother were worried by his mysterious death, because they did not know who Bantugan was.

Settings & Charaters:
Kingdom of Bumbaran
King Madali
- king of the Bumbaran
Prince Bantugan
- Madali's brother
- princess of Kingdom-between-Two-Seas
King Miskoyaw
- great enemy of Bumbaran
As the royal court of the Kingdom-between-Two-Seas was in session, a talking parrot flew into the hall. The parrot identified the dead as Prince Bantugan of Bumbaran.

King Madali, who after all loved his brother, repented his cruelty to Bantugan. Together with a counselor, he went to heaven to request the return of Bantugan's soul.

King Miskoyaw of the neighboring kingdom was gladdened by the fact that Bumbaran was no longer under the protection of Bantugan and he started a full invasion of Bumbaran.
Bantugan slew thousands of enemy, but having just revived from death, he weakened, and was immediately captured.

Soon his strength returned and he broke his bonds very easily.

Bantugan traveled to the princesses who were his former sweethearts and he married all of them at the same time.
Theme :
Moral Lessons:
Don't be jealous.
Weak is he who took advantage during a man's suffering.
Bantugan : A Maranao Epic
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