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Primate Project Sample

This is an example of the primate project.

kattina rabdau-fox

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Primate Project Sample

Lifestyle, Habitat
Structures, Functions, and Adaptations
The Western Highland Gorilla
A primate study
Behavior Study
New Questions for Exploration
Opposable thumbs and big toes used for gripping,climbing, and tool use.
Longer arms than legs
Walk on knuckles
Can stand upright (some can even walk!)
I really want to know what local communities
can do to preserve the western gorilla
What is being done to preserve these
How can scientists provide protection
against future Ebola outbreaks?
Environmental Threats
The Gorilla Gorilla is Critically Endangered
Current estimates put it at a number around 300 individuals.
Major threats come from logging operations, illegal poaching, and outbreaks of the fatal Ebola virus.
Zoo vs Wild:
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