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Past Perfect Simple

No description

Debbie Paver

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple Timeline Past Perfect is not used on it's own. BINGO I had eaten _______ before I ate ______.
I worked at the ice cream shop for 3 years. Example: With a partner, match the Red and Blue to form complete sentences in the Past Perfect. I couldn't board my plane because someone had stolen my passport. I found out my credit card didn't work I was frustrated I couldn't go to the US Embassy because it had already closed. I had tried to call my mom for help and realized my cell phone did not work. Present Past I ate dinner I ate an apple I ate ______ after I had eaten _______. I had lost $50 and I was disappointed. I was disappointed because I had lost $50. I was disappointed I lost $50 Past Present after the bank had called me. My friends had been in Amsterdam for two days before I arrived. I have worked at the ice cream shop for 3 years. I had worked at the ice cream shop for 3 years but then I quit. Time is undefined, unclear. Time is unfinished, still continuing. Time has a point of reference. How to form Past Perfect Simple Subject + Past Simple of the verb "to have" + Past participle. I had studied Yo había estudiado You had been Tu habías estado He/She/It had traveled Él/Ella/Ud. había viajado We had gone Nosotros habíamos ido You all had seen Vosotros habíais visto They had bought Ellos/Uds. habían comprado (Even Further Past) The verb in the Past Perfect is always the action that occurred FIRST in the past. 1. I was delighted my mom had already made dinner. 2. My mom had already made dinner so I was delighted. Which action occurred first? Past Present Further Past I was delighted mom had made dinner Past Present Further Past I was delighted my mom made dinner It must have a POINT OF REFERENCE in the past Past Present I worked for 3 years 1 2 3 Past Present 1 2 3 I have worked there for 3 years Past Present Further Past I quit. I had worked there for 3 years 1 2 3 Example: My friends had been in Amsterdam for two days before I arrived.
The red sentence happened first. Which action happened first in each sentence? Past Present Further Past My friends had been in Amsterdam two days I arrived *Action in Past Perfect always occurred first in the Past* Further Past Let's compare the difference.... Simple Past: Yo trabajé en la heladería durante tres años. Present Perfect Simple: Past Perfect Simple: Yo había trabajado en la heladería 3 años, pero dejé el trabajo. He trabajado en la heladería 3 años. Questions? Talk with a partner about how the people in the photos felt and what had happened earlier to make him/her feel that way. Example: Obama felt relieved because he had won the election. Talking about the "past in the past" Which action happened first? Idioms Your friend had a party and you had bad luck finding his house.

Fill in the blanks of the text message using idioms to figure out how to get to the party. I have no idea = I don't know No wonder = I'm not surprised Don't worry about it = Never mind It's up to you = It's your decision It's tough = It's difficult. I can't stand = I don't like Help you out = help you The Past touches the Present. Form complete sentences for each timeline about what had happened, using the Past Perfect Simple. Example: Further Past Past Present I felt jealous I saw her new car 1. I felt jealous after I had seen her new car. I was annoyed I forgot to buy milk. 2. I was annoyed because I had forgotten to buy milk. 3. Further Past Past Present He was disappointed He got bad grades 2. 1. 4. She stole a watch She felt guilty 5. She was disgusted He spit in front of her 6. I didn't study for my text I didn't go to the party 7. I didn't fill my gas tank I couldn't go to the store Fill in the words from the list in any order you want.

Cross out the word and DEFINE it when you hear or see it during class.

The first person to get 5 in a row wins. How to play: Negative Past Perfect Simple Subject + "had" + "not" + Participle Had not = Hadn't I hadn't thought (I had not thought) You hadn't started (You had not started) He/She/It hadn't left (He/She/It had not left) We hadn't felt (We had not felt) You all hadn't given (You all had not given) They hadn't paid (They had not paid) Past Further Past Present He won the election He felt relieved
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