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WELCOME! Distinguished Delegation from Ethiopia


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Transcript of WELCOME! Distinguished Delegation from Ethiopia

Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Rene Birthday
4. On-Line Training
1. Capacity Building Training
On-Line Training is also promoted through the establishment of LOGODI E-learning Center, so that LOGODI on-line learning programs are accessible regardless
of time and place.
Training Programs
What to do?
Jan. 1999
: “National Institute of Professional Administration
(NIPA)” was launched.
International Training
International Training Programs
International Cooperation
Major Facilities
To Foster Creative and Trusted Local Autonomy Leaders through Openness and Collaboration
- Offer training programs for
local government officials
- Conduct international training
programs and promote
international collaborative
- Provide guidance and support
for 15 local government
training centers

Sep. 1965
: "Local Administration Training Institute(LATI) was established.
Jan. 1978
: LATI was moved to Suwon City as a result of government policy to spread out research institutes, training centers, etc.
Jan. 2005
: Reorganized as “Local Government Officials Development Institute (LOGODI)”
2 Departments, 6 Divisions, 104 Staff
Training Programs
- 72 programs, 6,541 trainees
- 120 programs, 160,000 trainees
1. Capacity Building Training
(4 programs)

2. Newly Promoted G5 Leader Training
(1 program)

3. Specialized Training
(67 programs)

4. On-Line Training
(120 programs)
Korea's Civil Service Grade
Service Years for Promotion
Training Structure
total : 1,006,474 / central : 647,006
Local Gov'ts and Local Gov't Officials
Local Governments
Organization of Seoul Metropolitan Government
Organization of Gangwon-do Provincial Government
Organization of
Seoul Metropolitan Council
Local Council Members
(Sixth Local Council : July, 2010~June, 2014)
* Senior Policy Manager Program
- Participation : 38 Bureau directors of local governments (Local G3)
- To enhance the strategic ability of policy managers
- Length : 10 months
* Senior Leader Program
- Participation : 90 Division directors of local governments (Local G4)
- To build up the capacities of core managers of local governments
- Length : 10 months
- Participation : 129 Deputy directors of local governments (Local G5)
- To develop diversified policy making and managerial skills
- Length : 10 months
* Junior Leader Program
* Female Leader Program
- Participation : 60 female officials of local governments (Local G6)
- To cultivate the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary for better
performance of female officials of local governments
- Length : 10 months
2. Newly Promoted G5 Leader Training
- Participation : 2,200 local gov’t officials newly promoted to

- To improve qualities, knowledge and skills for a successful
transition into new managerial position

- Length : 6 weeks

- Compulsory training program for the promotion to Local G5
To enhance the productivity and capability of local government officials, LOGODI provides up-to-date skills and information they need to perform their duties through new learning methods including Action Learning and Problem Solving Focused Curriculum for 2 ~ 5 days.
3. Specialized Training (1)
* National Agenda Program (15)
Government 3.5, Deregulation, Green Growth, Social Business, National Security and Safety, Labor/Management Relationship, etc.
* Job-related Competency Enhancement Program (21)
Instructor Development, Multicultural Society, Personnel Management, Local Tax Management, Public Relations and Conflict Management, Planning Capability Development, etc.
Some of the programs are run on-site by the request of local government. Elected government officials and public enterprise employees are also customers of LOGODI specialized training programs.
3. Specialized Training(2)
* Globalization Program (2)
Chinese Affairs Expert, Global Affairs Expert
• Customized On-site Program (7)

• Vision Leadership Forum (1)

• Local Council Academy (2)

• Regional Governance Program (1)

• Local Public Enterprise Leadership Program (14)
* On-line Programs (120 programs)
- Basic Administrative Law Program
- Basic Civil Law Program
- Innovation Strategy Program
- Accounting Affairs Program
- Basic English Program
- Public Relations Skills Program
- Local Administration Capacity Building Program
- Local Administration Management
- Local Administration for Afghanistan
- Government Innovation Program (Indonesia)
* Excutive Development Program (EDP) :
KOICA Sponsorship
* Executive Leadership Development
Program in Mongolia
- Participants : 130 LOGODI alumni and gov't
officials in Mongolia
- Length : 5 days
* Korea-China International Seminar
- Participants : 100 Gov’t officials and experts
from Korea and China
- Length : 5 days
International Cooperation
: National Academy of Governance
: National Academy of Public Administration
: National Management Institute
: School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua
: Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
: Eastern Regional Organization for
Public Administration
: International Association of School and
Institutes of Administration
: United Cities and Local Governments
* Cooperative Programs with NAOG in Mongolia,
STOU in Thailand, NAPA in Vietnam,
NMI in Egypt, SCETU in China
* Membership to International Organizations
Major Facilities
* Local Administration
Development Program
- Participants : 15 Government officials
from 6 countries
- Length : 2 weeks
* Study Visit Program for
NAOG and Senior Officials from Mongolia
- Participants : 15 Mongolian Senior Officials
and National Academy of Governance
- Length : 8 days
Thank you for
your kind attention!
See you again!
Aug. 2013

: Relocated to Wanju County, Jeonbuk Province in Accordance with the Gov't Policy to promote balanced regional development
Computer Lab
Fitness Center
Sports Facilities
Driving Range

Conference Room

Distinguished Delegation
from Ethiopia
ㅆFour Core Values
- People-oriented thinking
- Principle of openness
- Culture of collaboration
- Creative capabilities
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