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Micro Teach

No description

Craig Manchester

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Micro Teach

Runshaw College Runshaw College is the destination for around 70% of school leavers in Chorley and South Ribble 68% of the areas school pupils acheive five A* - C grade GCSE's Runshaw is a beacon college and has won serveral awards, including a United Kingdom Business Excellence Award and a European Quality Award Over 4% of students are from ethnic minority groups, which is higher than the proportion in the local population Mission Statement Music Department "As a student at Runshaw you will be the centre of everything we do.
Our simple aim is that you should fulfill your ambitions and we will
do everything we can to make sure that you do so."

Kathy Passat
Principle At Runshaw we aim to provide an environment where musicians are able to develop their particular strengths and talents, whether these are in performing or composing. The course provides a thourough grounding for study of music at higher level Ofsted - July 2008 Summary of Grades awarded

Effectivness and Provision
Capacity to Improve All Grade One
Acheivement and Standards
Quality and Provision
Leadership and Managment
Equality and Opportunity
'The college's overall effectivness is outstanding as a result of high expectations for staff and students, backed up by the excellent support and resources for teaching and learning' 'The college is relentless in its efforts to maintain high standards' 'The culture of the college is one of
hard work and respect for the individual' 'Financial management is outstanding' 'Student progression to higher education, further education or training is excellent' 'Success rates for students aged 16 to 18 are well above the national bench mark data for courses at all levels' 'Attendance is very good' Facilities In september 1997 the music department moved to a new build of £3 million. A suit of purpose built practice rooms of which all contain acoustic and electric pianos Music room is equiped with 18 computer stations each with the
latest music notation software 'Sibelius' The music technology facilities are housed in a purpose
built annexe to the music department, comprising of a
music technology Mac suit and a recording studio The recording studio is based around the industry standard 'ProTools HD' system
with two 'Live' rooms and a seperate control room. This uses a 16 track fully digital recording desk with a powerful 'Mac Pro'
computer system and a 'Command 8 ' controller used in conjunction with
a large library of 'Plug-ins' to create proffessional quality recordings. VLE - Moodle Education Music department only offers A - Levels Academic snobbery Edge.co.uk beleive that
'practical learning should be part of every young persons education' 'AS and A level qualifications focus on traditional
study skills' Direct.gov.uk Entry level grades form GCSE for the music
and music technology A level course is 5 B grades Social Background and Catchment Area Only 4% of students are form ethnic minority backgrounds Majority of students are white middle class Catchment areas are primarily Chorley and South Ribble There are many high performing secondary schools within this area, including:

Bishop Rawstorne C of E Language College
Parklands High School
Southlands High School
Holy Cross Catholic High School This area experiences low levels of unemplyment
but has pockets of deprivation Would this college perform as well, with its current ethos and culture,
if it was placed in another area? Targets Very target driven college with strong links to the institutions economy last year the student acheived 71% A- B and 36% A grades at A level EVERYONE MUST PASS! Product Model (Tyler, 1947) Runshaw college adopts a very theroputic approach, with
unlimited support and alot of scaffolding in order to meet
their targets. Ecclestone and Hayes (2008) suggest that:

'Therapeutic education is profoundly dangerous because a diminished image of human

potential opens up people’s emotions to assessment by the state and encourages dependence

on ritualised forms of emotional support offered by state agencies’
In 2004, over 53% of young people achieved 5 or more A* - C grade GCSE’s, compared to

around 45% in 1997. Compared to other countries, standards by the age of 16 are good, but

staying on rates after the age of 16 is poor.’ (14 – 19 Education and Skills White Paper)
Should students be allowed to fail? Hidden Cirriculum Is the importance of the 'Hidden Curriculum cast aside within this product driven ethos? Socialisation process where students learn through the experience of being at college The college's culture and ethos has a profound effect on the socialisation process Ethos and Culture at Runshaw College I find that teaching at Runshaw empowering because the students are in general intrinsically motivated and are willing to learn. They are polite and they have shown me appreciation of my teaching methods. However, the ethos and culture at runshaw college is, in my view, distorted because of the product driven target orientated nature of the instutution. The reality is, in order to give the students unlimited support and efficient, relevant resources, the institutions priority is finance. This institution has such high expectations that the personality is somehow lost. The students however, hold runshaw in high regard and they find that it is extremly supportive and encouraging. Due to such high entry level grades these targets are attainable and the 'students progression to higher and further education is excellent' (Ofsted, 2008). I do not feel that this institution would fair nearly as well or as profitable in another area of social class, economic well being and educational discipline.
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