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No description

Katie Kennedy

on 11 May 2015

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Releases Nov. 1
Total Website Overhaul
Secret Rewards Program
TV Commercials
New Packaging
Deals and Sales
Nov. 1 through Black Friday
Fashion Show - December 10, 2013
Rapid sales and growth

Holiday 2013
Product Focus:
Holiday Lingerie
Product Life Cycle
Initial Brainstorming
Product Modification - take an established product and revamp it for the season: Holiday 2013
Very Sexy Push-up Bra
Product Repositioning
Fashion AND function
Special gift... not just a necessity
Thrills & Frills
Dark Glamour
Bows, Ruffles, Dots, & Mesh. Sexy Little Treats to make the Holidays even sweeter.
Black Friday to Christmas Eve
$6.12 billion in sales last year
Additional sales brought in through the Secret Reward Program - redeemable December 5-20
Give your lingerie a midnight-inspired makeover with skyfall shades & starry sparkle.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Secret Reward Card
Semi-annual sale right after Christmas
No set date - usually from January 1 or 2 and runs until everything is sold
Victoria's Secret Website (www.victoriassecret.com)
"Victoria's Secret: Teeny Tiny Pants, Whopping Figures" by Karen Dacre of London Evening Standard (at www.standard.co.uk)
LexisNexis Academic Source Premier Company Profile: Victoria's Secret
Fashion Show
Fun Facts
$12 million price tag
5ft 10in + 6in
9.3 million viewers
$5 million per year
$10 million "fantasy bra"
120 layers of mascara
80 layers of lip gloss
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