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Multimedia resources for teaching English

No description

Edgar JC

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Multimedia resources for teaching English

Immediate example illustration

Offer different insights about a same subject

Save time in same level classes

Share with other teachers

Attract and hold students' attention

Oral presentations - Free online cloud flow presentations


Pen drive with images - Free online cloud slide presentations

British Council

ESL Games Plus

Turtle Diary

Jeopardy Powerpoint

Scribble online
Video Interactivity
Simple Quiz/Worksheets

Quiz Competition



Quiz on the go - vocabulary (What is that?)

New Whiteboard
Class exercises / Handouts
Going over tests
Creative writing - add a line / Story starters
Group reading
Online timers
Picture description
Premises for a debate
Virtual Tours (museums, statues...)
Dictionary / Encyclopedia / Instant Translation
- You should never be asked for a password in any of the devices. If it does ask, you are logged in to the incorrect account.

- In the computers: log in to Class accounts. In the tablets and laptop: log in to Teachers account

- All TVs except class 18 and the video room have wi-fi. You can use the TV apps like Youtube or mirror your tablet/phone/laptop screen. If it is not working, make sure both devices are connected to the same network.

- We have speakers and auxiliary cables available

- The reservation sheets for laptops, tablets, video room and computer room are in the teachers' rooms.

- Please feel free to e-mail us any changes or suggestions for this presentation at
Multimedia resources for teaching English
TV Shows / Movies
TED talks
Short stories for kids
Download Video
Open in VLC
Download Subtitles
Drag subtitles
onto VLC
Videos Exercises
Worksheets Presentations
Skype class to class Timer for games
Simple google searches Dictionary / Encyclopedia / Translation
Presentation with images Short videos
Scribble online
Online games
Creative writing
Cloud / Powerpoint students' presentations
Youtube App
USB with Videos/photos
Movies & TV shows Class exercises
Group reading
Going over tests
Google news
TED app
Screen Mirroring
Micro USB adapter
Micro USB
Aux Cable

Aux Cable
Speakers + power source
Audio jack to Hi-fi
What's thame of the parrot?
Is it a male or a female?
What disease does the parrot have?
What does Einstein wish for?
What is a splat?
What is Einstein eating?
What do pirates say?
Does Einstein like to drink beer?
Who is she in love with?
Who does she say hello to?
Google Translate
You are an astronaut who finds something strange on the moon…
You hear an ad on the radio for a magic product that wil
l transform you into a macarroni. Then someone cooks you and eats you. But it was a dream. I wake up and my mother was cooking macarroni.
My best friend is elected President.
I'm going to kill him and I'll be the President. The police discovers me. I hide under my bed. But my hamster finds me and brings me to the police station. When I return home I try to kill my hamster, but Rajoy sees me and he throws me a rock. But, this rock, was a small rock.
Two groups: one views the video and describes it, the other one watches the video later and tests the first's group accuracy
TV streams:
1. The Upper Intermediate/FCE vocabulary page

2. That page with over 200 transformation sentences.

3. A good page with a lot of resources/activities

4. Scroll down to 'printables'. There is an enormous range of topics, divided into grammar-based and theme-based stuff

5. Great german website with tons of grammar
Grammar and Vocabulary
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