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Finding Reasons for Arguments

Best used for deliberative arguments, this Ancient Greek Method maps your brain. The more questions you can ask yourself about a particular issue, the more potential lines of arguments you can find.

Siggy Abuel

on 17 July 2012

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Transcript of Finding Reasons for Arguments

...to this...
The Topoi
...and many more...
Literary Topoi
The Individual
The Other
The Matrix
How do we come up with reasons quickly?
By asking ourselves questions using ancient considerations known as Topoi
Think of each one as a lens
Is it safe?
Is it expensive?
Is it practical and efficient?
Is it considered moral?
Is it who we are?
What will happen over time?
Who will gain reputation?
What will be wasted?
What might happen after?
Is it possible?
Is it legal?
Who will have an advantage?
Can it last?
Then you direct those questions to an area of human experience...
So what started as...

Is it safe for individuals?
Is it safe for certain groups?
Is it safe for specific human relationships?
Is it safe for the environment/society?
Everytime you create a series of questions, you be able to coax out answers from your brain...
Do this enough times and what you end up doing is turning your brain into...
A Telescope
Use it to find land...
Every argument ends up with a different terrain.
Know the terrain.
Know the best places to argue.
Mix and Match Lenses
Individual = might this endanger individuals, or make them more safe?
Others = Might is harm those in specific groups, i.e. gender, religions, ethnicities
Relationships = Is it safe for human relationships? Might it endanger certain dynamics?
Matrix = Is it safe for the enivronment? Is it safe for society?
Individual = might this waste or preserve individual resources?
Others = Might this waste or preserve the resources of specific groups of people?
Relationships = Might this waste or preserve resources shared by specific relationships?
Matrix = Might this waste or preserve anything in the environement/society?
Do this over and over again and you will get faster. Soon you will go from this...
The more things you consider and the more areas you take into consideration, the more reasonable and prepared you will be.
The more prepared you are, the more arguments you will have.
High Five for Learning my young lions.
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