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Timeline: History of Evolution on Earth

No description

Colin Lemarchand

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Timeline: History of Evolution on Earth

Prokaryotic Bacteria
3.46 billion years ago because there was methane to feed on
Photosynthetic Organisms
2.4 billion years ago
Multicellular Organisms
2.1 billion years ago

Eukaryotic Organisms
2.2 billion years ago it evolved when one cell engulfed another cell and lived as one.
Thank you!
Anaerobic bacteria
3.8 billion years ago

140 million years ago the first mammals split off marsupials like kangaroos in Australia
Timeline: History of Evolution on Earth
Colin Lemarchand, Jared Martinez, and Jack Tiffany
700 million years ago

600 million years ago
200 million years ago an extinction event happens and dinosaurs come to power

65 million years ago they go extinct
Domesticated Animals
40,000 years ago
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