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Copy of Christmas Around the World!

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Kayla Tomlins

on 11 December 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Christmas Around the World!

Hello and welcome to kaylas prezi , Christmas Around the World! I ask you to enjoy and have some fun learning about christmas! Welcome to my advent calender, also a christmas tree. As you travel through the calender each day you move to different countries, enjoy.... Unitted states! Australia! In australia on the 1st of December everyone puts up their decorations and starts to put presents under the tree. No snow, no cold, we celebrate in our hot summer! We celbrate lots of special events leading up to a hot summers christmas. Carols by candle light is one of the most popular, with it usually being in every major captial city. Especially the domian in sydney. over all Aussies love celebrating a very special christmas! For americans the festival of christmas officialy starts on the fourth thursday of november, just after the thanksgiving hoilday. Christmas trees are evrywere, New york, washington, disneyland just to menson a few, are filled with lights, trees and ornaments. Stockings are hung up in huses , along with the milk and cookies.

Christmas eve is not always a public hoilday for all. Many people work, but then others celebrate with christmas parties. But children on the other hand, have the time of thier life with most of the schools in the unitted states being closed. Food of corse is tuckeys, hams, potatoes and pies. With cake being a must have item, there are so many to chose from, things like apple pies, ginger bread and candy canes.
Christmas Around the world! Brazil! Paris! New York City! Mexico! Japan! London! Italy! France On christmas eve, children all over france leve thier shoes by the fire place for Pere Noel will fill them with gifts. Then on the morning of Christmas there are also nuts, fruits, sweets and small toys have been hung on the christmas tree. at most houses there is a nativity scene. With the christmas tree never being particularly
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