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Learning English By Talking On Phone

Nikhil Kulkarni

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of LEBTOP

LEBTOP Learning English By Talking On Phone When users call LEBTOP LEBTOP They get connected to each other. Get connected English is a Global language Learning English is very important Jobs Communication To
-Teach English
-Learn English LEBTOP is a TOLL-FREE Number So.. Introducing ... For . . . &.. Global Connection LEBTOP Staff
Tests and Grades the user When users call LEBTOP for the First Time. How does the SYSTEM work ? GRADED as
A - Excellent
B - Good
... & So on.. Users of one grade group are connected to users from another grade group Teacher Learner Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade F Grade G Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade D Grade E Grade F Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Teaches Grade Group So..A will Teach others to EARN Minutes of LEARNING from Another HIGHER Grade Group People Will Teach Other People To EARN Minutes


MODEL NOW... And So on... Thus & Higher Education Market Popular markets are - India, China, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Russia Many English learners want to practice conversational English Language is learnt by Talking
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