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French I/II First Day of School Rules and Routines

A presentation to welcome my students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Sara Ahnell

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of French I/II First Day of School Rules and Routines

Grading Policy
50% In-class participation/weekly oral and written assessmemnts
20% Written assignments/projects

Your grade will be based on the following categories:
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Rene Birthday
Be respectful
to Madame Ahnell's class!
Where we all start with a CLEAN SLATE :)
About Me
About Madame Ahnell
I'm originally from
I enjoy
Louisville, Kentucky. I lived in Ohio for eight years, and moved to Alabama in 2008.
What are they?
Proficiency Scales
Classroom Entry
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly,
Opelika High School
1700 Lafayette Parkeay
Opelika, Alabama

Mr. and Mrs. Draper
1234 Winding Road
Sally has been working very hard in class! She's been completing her assignments every day, asks for help when she needs it, and contributes to group discussions in positive ways. Her results are improving greatly - you must be so proud of your daughter!
Mr. and Mrs. Draper,

Mrs. Ahnell
Leaving the room
Restroom Procedure
If you would like to use one of your restroom passes,
fill it out with the time and date.

If I am not teaching the whole class,
you may
raise your hand holding the pass
. When I signal you, bring it to me and
I will initial it
. Take the plastic hall pass. Only one student out at a time. If you are out of passes, you may exchange one for a detention after school.

When you return,
record your time in
on your pass.
If you do not return within 5-10 minutes, you will be considered truant/skipping class.
Leave it on your desk, put it in the bin at the end of class as you leave. Do not leave your seat without permission.
"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." --Henry Ford
Parents to call:
- Joe :(
- Sarah :)
- Harry :)

Help me!
learning new things, teaching, watching movies and funny YouTube videos with my husband, playing with our two cats, Max and Maggie, playing the violin (I play in the Auburn University/Community Orchestra), playing tennis, hanging out with my two younger sisters, playing board games, and traveling.
I studied at
Be responsible
Be ready to learn!
Opelika, AL 36801
You may leave class if you have a school approved excuse, need to use the restroom
(2 passes per 9 weeks), or are ill and need to
see the nurse.
Unless you meet one of the above criteria, please DO NOT ask me to leave. I will say, "NO."

When you give a thoughtful response in class, you will earn a participation point or "euro".
To assure that everyone an equal opportunity, do the following:
1. Raise your hand and indicate how many points you already have for that day with your fingers

2. Give your answer if called on and receive your point. Students who are impatient will not be called on.
At the end of class, place your euros in your envelope and record how many you earned for the day in
You will turn them in after class.
If you do not record your total, I will record a zero for you.

1. Enter the room
. If you want to socialize, stay outside.
2. Pick up any materials by the door and be seated before the bell rings. If you need to sharpen a pencil, do it before the bell.
3. Work
on the bell work activity until I tell you to stop.

Consequences can be negative AND positive!
They are simply the outcomes of your choices.
Now for some special perks and procedures.
Get pumped.
& Routines

like a
Lessons Learned
When you
to break the rules or not follow procedures, there are NEGATIVE
STEP 0-Loss of PAT time
STEP 1-Warning
STEP 2-After-class conference and
home contact
STEP 2-In-class isolation and
home contact
STEP 3-After-school detention and
home contact
STEP 4-Office referral

Severe: A student may be immediately
issued detention or an office for misbehavior as outlined in the Student Handbook.
Your learning will suffer
and your
brain will
Notes and calls home
Absent from
Participation grades are not based on earning a specific, set number of points each week. Rather your grade is scaled up or down based on the class average for the week (set to a 90/A).

If you are absent for any reason, it's important to participate as much as possible the days you are here. Excused absences of 3+ are considered on an individual basis

20% Unit Tests
Get notes from a classmate about what you've missed
Come see me after school
to collect any handouts or if you have questions
Let me know if you will be stopping by after school
24 hours in advance
to make up missed tests or quizzes so I can plan to be there
It is your responsibility to make up any missed work in a timely manner
Excuse notes should be given to Ms. Echols the day you return before school (7:00-7:50 AM)
The school policy is that you receive a zero for any work missed during an unexcused absence

"All who have meditated on the art of governing [hu]mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth"
- Aristotle
Participation Grades
Activités Préferées (AP)
Come inside
without distracting others.
Sign and date YOUR PAGE in the late book on the bookshelf
, leave me your pass and take a seat.
Late to class?
Classroom Exit
You are dismissed by your teacher, not the bell! The bell is a signal to teachers, not students. When directed -
pack your belongings away, make sure your desk is properly placed on the tape marks, check your area for trash, and wait to be dismissed.
A safe, pleasant environment
Find someone who... BINGO!
Chère Madame Ahnell,
Je m'appelle... Je suis...J'ai...
J'ai _____ ans.
Ma matière préférée est...parce que...
J'aime... parce que...
Je n'aime pas... parce que...
Dans ma famille,...

Exit Pass
Write down one thing you learned or one question you have resulting from this lesson on the back of your letter.
You have been assigned an interview partner. Talk to them and take notes. Be sure to include these things:
3 interesting facts about him or her
Favorite school subject and why
Best quality
Prepare a brief presentation for the class on your partner (1 minute or less)
En francais si possible!!:)
Learning Goals

Students will:

1. Understand classroom rules and procedures

2. Get to know others in the class
the University of Notre Dame and Auburn University. I have an Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Education from AU. War Eagle! I have been to France twice, and I studied at a French University in July 2011.
My husband and me at the airport ready to fly!
Me at Versailles in France
My sisters, Ellen and Mary
Max and Maggie
Me and Max getting ready for school
Mr. Ahnell and me at the APR Xmas Party
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." -Thomas Jefferson

Our class is well-organized and you will be respected and supported in it.
To have the most time to learn, we need things to run efficiently. Here are some guidelines and procedures that
will make our class run like a finely tuned APR race car:)
There are a lot more of you than there are of me, so I need a quick,
easy way to get your attention when we are working in groups.
Whenever I need your undivided attention,
I will say,
When I say,
you say,
I say
is how you say,
Let's try it...

Raise your hand for permission to speak or to leave your seat.
Use polite language at the appropriate volume.
Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Be on time with all appropriate materials.
Keep your space clean and organized.
Bottled water is OK to bring, but please no food or gum.
At the end of class, make sure your desk is on its spot and that your area is free of trash.
Follow directions quickly with a good attitude.
In addition to the rules in our school handbook, these are my
The Enseignez-OK!
In our class, I won't be the only teacher. You will often teach your partner things.
1. When I want you to teach your partner something we have just learned,
I clap
and say,

2. You will then
mirror my clap
and say,
3. Then you will
your body to face your partner and
Let's try it with the Classe-Oui...

In addition to the rules in the school handbook, these are the rules I expect you to follow when you come to my classroom to ensure that everyone and everything is respected and that we have the best learning environment.
Here we go!
Our Rules
(unless Mme Ahnell give you permission to do otherwise)
No put downs or insults, even if you are "joking."
This applies to anything from braiding your bestie's hair to hugging your BFF to "practicing" your newest karate moves on an unsuspecting classmate.
Also, please keep all materials from being airborne.
To be even more specific, this means being in your seat, working with a pen or sharpened pencil sharpened when the bell rings.
We've talked about the Class-Yes, the Teach-OK, and our rules. Now lets talk about something pretty dang sweet:
Preferred Activity Time (PAT)
"What's this??" you ask? Let me explain.

Every week, I give you the gift of time, 15 minutes to be exact. This time is to be used on every 5th class day to do some awesome, fun stuff, like play games related to what we are learning, watch part of a movie related to what we are learning, etc. It's a good time. You have fun, and I have fun.
The even better part is that we can earn up to a total of

30 minutes of PAT each week.
You: "But how, Mrs. Ahnell???"
If you follow our rules, procedures, instructions, and are on-task, you can earn minutes of time.
Every class period, you will have opportunities
to earn or to lose PAT.

You can
minutes of PAT if
follows the rules
follows procedures and instructions
is on-task.

You can
minutes of PAT if
doesn't follow the rules
doesn't follow procedures or instructions
is off-task.

Here are some procedures that, when followed, help things run smoothly and can help you to earn minutes of PAT.
If you bring a cell phone or iPod, I will confiscate it if
I hear it or see it used.

If everyone follows this procedure, the class will
automatically earn one minute of PAT.
If you are not in your seat working when the bell rings, you are tardy.

Everyone starts the day with zero.
In my French classes we use
1 un
2 deux
3 trois
4 quatre
5 cinq
In my English classes we use
Materials needed daily:

-3-ring binder with 4 dividers labeled
Bell Work, Class Notes, Class Activities,
and Writing
-College ruled loose leaf paper
-Black/blue pens
-Red pen
-Crayons or colored pencils
-This year we will
all travel together
as a class to and from lunch
Stay with me and the group at all times to and from the cafeteria
-Our lunch tables are
1 and 2 (Ahnell) during Lunch B from 12:03-12:
-We will
sit together
as a group at tables 1 and 2 (Mrs. Ahnell included!)
-You do not need to ask to use the cafeteria restrooms during lunch, but
do not leave the cafeteria without permission
-We are responsible for
keeping our lunch tables clean
picking up all trash
before we leave
-Make sure that you
wait with our group after lunch
because we will count off (your number is on your desk) to make sure everyone is present and travel back to class as a group
Reenter the classroom quietly after lunch
and continue working
Lunch Procedure
So those were our rules and procedures. Let's talk about consequences....
Let's get to know each other better.
Late Work Policy
If you do not have your assignment when it is handed in, you will need to fill out and hand in a
Golden Ticket

and place it in the basket with the other completed assignments in order to receive any late credit.
Golden tickets may be used only for major assignments.
Every school day that you do not turn in your major assignment, your final grade will be reduced by 10%
Do your best not to disappoint us.

Don't be late.
If you're late, don't distract others
like this tardy seagull.
Your brain is a muscle that will GROW with EXERCISE!
Yes, trashcan, but
only AFTER class.
No need to panic!
Here are your
1 and 2,
3 and 4
5 and 6,
7 and 8,
9 and 10,
11 and 12,
13 and 14,
15 and 16,
17 and 18,
19 and 20,
21 and 22, etc.

School Tardiness Policy

4th Tardy=Contact home
(and detention with me)
5th Tardy=1 day Principal's detention
6th Tardy=2 days Principal's detention
7th Tardy=1 day ISS
And it continues...Be on time and
we wont have to worry about
any of this!:)
Dress Code
The school policy for student dress code says

-look neat and clean at all times
-athletic wear allowed in gym class only and no hats
-belts worn with pants with belt loops, pants worn at waist, and shirt tucked in for guys
-wear clothes that fit (not too baggy, low, or loose)
-wear clothes with no rips or holes
-no spaghetti straps, visible cleavage, spandex leggings without clothing covering leg to the knee, and skirts/shorts at or below the knee for ladies
-no facial jewelry
-wear shoes at all times
-outerwear not worn inside classrooms
If you are not following the dress code, I follow school policy. I will fill out a dress code pass and ask you to see an administrator.

10% Notebook quizzes/homework
Ecrivez-moi une lettre avec
-ton nom et ton age
-ta description physique
-ton cours/ta matière préférée et la raison pourquoi
-tes loisirs/activités préférées
-une description de ta famille et vos activités en famille

1. Come in quietly and find your
, which matches the
number in the upper right hand corner of your envelope.
2. Begin working on the Who I Am sheet until I signal you to stop.
Why take French?
French is spoken on all 5 continents of the world by over 250 million people in 55 countries
Paris, France is the #1 tourist destination in the world
If you know English, you already know more than 15,000 French words!!! Taking French will help your English vocabulary as well.
French is the language of culture, fashion, science, art, philosophy, and more.
Access to French music, films, Internet, novels, comics, and more!
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