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Comparative Analysis of Social Media Campaigns of Barack Oba

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umair shah

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Comparative Analysis of Social Media Campaigns of Barack Oba



Why Khan Failed

Comparative Analysis

Number of messaging were sent daily by PTI using mobile services.

These messages were carefully planned.
Initially the contents asked questions in political arena.

Later the messages consisted of possible solutions.

Then in next phase the messages motivated people to vote for Imran Khan

Text Messaging

Two separate twitter blogs were created @pti and @imrankhan.
This was a direct interaction tool for Imran Khan.
Both these blogs are actively used to interact with general public.
PTI broke 11 global twitter trends in just 5 hour window.
This fact is evident enough to gauge the success of PTI on social media as you need atleast 500 active users and more than 2000 tweets to break a global twitter trend.


Khan has over a million fans on facebook.
Facebook was used as the main socializing webportal.
Discussions groups were created which were controlled by Khans media voluteers.
The main job was to control the discussions to get voters to vote for Khan.
Facebook was also used for advertising and messaging.
Khan is the only Pakistani politians with a million fans on Facebook many times more than any other.


Khan's campaign was not systematically planned as Obama's.

But still it was effective enough.

The architect of Imran Khan’s social media plan was Dr. Awab Alvi.

Alvi is a dentist by profession.

Imran Khan's Social Media Campaign

Our goal was the number of people we wanted giving rather than the Dollar amount." Said Rospars.

Sam Graham Falsen was hired as lead Blogger to engage the online users actively.

The theme was to tell stories rather than just asking for funds.

Kate Albright Hanah was hired whose job was to put human stories to video.
These stories were of ordinary people and were focused on motivating the voters.

Step 4
Actively engaging the User

Step 2 was to establish an online presence.

Rospars and Malover established the www.barrackobama.com website
Which was supported by MyBO(My Barrack Obama)

The website established the online presence and mode of interaction with the voters.

Step 2
Establish Online Presence

It was a very systematic activity.
First step was to hire professionals of IT and Social Media experts.
Joe Rospars of Blue State Digital
Kevin Malover of Orbitz
Chris Hughes of Facebook
Scott Goodstein
were some prominent figures along with several others who designed the Social Media plan systematically which eventually won them the elections.

Social Media Campaign of Barack Obama

Prepared by:
Shoaib Gillani, Umair Shah,
Salman Abbasi, Waseem Azad,
Raheel Dar, Noman Abbasi.

Department Of Busniess Administration
Mba 6th
University of Azad Jammu & Kasmir

Comparative Analysis of Social Media Campaigns of Barack Obama and Imran Khan

Despite the flaws in strategy mentioned above Khan was a champion on social media. His failure mainly is attributed to the fact that social media cannot reach all the population. Khan targeted the youth through social media but youth comprises of 50% under age 20 and 60% under age 30 of the total population of Pakistan. The problem was that only 5% of Pakistan’s population uses social media or internet. So PTI could only reach the 5% of the total population through social media.
Secondly the plan failed to educated people of the policies of PTI. This factor played a huge part as the party failed to gain much recognition in urban areas of Punjab and Sindh.

The plan’s focus was the persolity of Imran Khan.
It only presented Imran Khan as an alternative of same old faces.
It was interactive but controlled.
Often the commentator of criticism faced harsh and abusive language from PTI supporters.
Orguments were not presented against the criticism more often.
Only a vague idea was given to users as the strategy was focused on personality rather than policy.

Imran Khan

Barack Obama

Khan’s social media campaign was not systematically planned.
It was prepared by non-professionals.
They started using tools simultanously rather than an oraganized activity.
It targeted less than 10% of the population.
There are only 5 million Pakistani users on Facebook
The plan advertised the policies.
It was more interactive and engaged users in healthy discussions.
Criticism was welcomed and arguments were presented against.

The Social Media campaign was a systematically planned effort.
It was prepared and executed by experts.
The plan was executed in steps making it more effective.
It targeted all the population.
More than 90% population had access to social media tools.
The plan advertised the policies.
It was more interactive and engaged users in healthy discussions.
Criticism was welcomed and arguments were presented against.

This is a sms service of PTI which allows anyone to become member of party by texting name and city on 80022.

This is the first of its kind service.

Through this PTI was able to induct a massive number of members.

These members could be mobilized easily anywhere by just sending an sms.

This service built an army for PTI to utilize in election campaign.

Mobile 80022

Stephen Geer joined and started the Email Program
The three word Mantra of the program was "respect, empower and include."

The text messaging program was also launched which sent 5 to 20 messages per month to prospects.
The users could subscribe by typing HOPE.

The Dinner with Barack program was also launched which selected 4 donors of any amount rather than big amounts.

Step 5
Ebrace Community

Step 3 was to enrich the online content.

Hughes was supervised MyBO and Facebook blogs.
He also supervised the text messaging programs.

Goodstein focused on 15 social networks which were distributed all over the world.

The content that was advertised through these efforts was focused on relationship building rather than fund raising.

Step 3
Enrich Online Content

Imran Khan
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