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Sleep Paralysis - Hui 2014

No description

zixin chen

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Sleep Paralysis - Hui 2014

"Tsog Tsuam"
Hmong believed that village spirits wouldn't guard them against evil spirits if they didn't worship properly
The Hmong lost against Laotian communists in the Vietnam War and scattered across America
Weren't able to worship properly
Lost sense of community
Lost access to shamans, who would usually do purification rites on nightmare visitations
from Beliefs:
Opposite of a placebo; a
detrimental effect on health
produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.
Not studied thoroughly b/c of ethical issues.
[ Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome ]
Reality of the room was far too distinct
Perception and thinking far too clear
Unable to move
Almost impossible to breathe
Hallucinations during which objects may metamorphose into nightmarish objects
'Floating' feelings accompanying an out-of-body experience
Environment feels like a "holographic dollhouse"
Strong sense of a assailant/evil presence/impending death or doom
Extremely intense fear
sleep paralysis

what is sleep paralysis?

Alternate Names:
isolated sleep paralysis
familial sleep paralysis
hypnagogic or hypnopompic paralysis
predormital or postdormital paralysis
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
a form of paralysis that occurs when someone suddenly finds himself unable to move for a few minutes, usually upon falling asleep or waking up
lights or dark shadows moving around the room
monstrous figures)
body or limbs vibrating
rapid acceleration of the whole body
out-of-body experiences
on your breathing.
After you break out of sleep paralysis, walk around, get water, read, or check your phone.
how to
stop sleep paralysis
the scientific explanation
We project the dream onto our physical surroundings.
REM sleep behavior disorder
katherine tian & zixin chen
often a distortion of the sound of your own heartbeat
breathing noises of assailant
the sound of your own gasps for breath in this panicked state
mechanical sounds
feeling that one is being touched or dragged off the bed
bedclothes are being pulled off
Occurs shortly after waking up
Become conscious before the end of the REM cycle, when body is still relaxed
Occurs shortly before falling asleep
Normally, when you fall asleep, your awareness decreases
In SP, you remain aware and notice you cannot move/speak
Relax your body into
the paralysis.

Don't fight it forcefully as this will create panic and increase the chance of negative hallucinations.
Wiggle your toes, fingers, and eyebrows. Rapidly blink or move your eyes around.
Go with the flow and recognize that you are in a sleep paralysis episode.
During normal REM sleep, the body secretes hormones that induce muscle atonia, which prevents someone from acting out their dreams.

The hormones fail to wear off at the end of the sleep cycle in SP.
region of the brain responsible for fear
In SP, our eyes are often open while we're still in the dream state.
Opposite of SP.

People thrash around, walk, or even drive in a manner corresponding with their dream world.
When episodes take place at least once a week for 6 months, medication may be used.

SSRI's (type of antidepressant)
regulates sleep cycles.
Sleep Hygiene
Get enough sleep
Reduce stress
Exercise regularly (but not too close to bedtime)
Keep a regular sleep schedule
sleep paralysis &
Descriptions of sleep paralysis in works of fiction
Herman Melville's Moby Dick
Accounts of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway
Henry Fuseli's paintings
St Lucia: souls of unbaptised children who crawl on to the sleeper's chest and throttle them.
Europe (Middle Ages): nocturnal witch visits
Newfoundland: "Old Hag"
Japanese: "Kanashibari" (bound or fastened in metal)
China & Taiwan: "Meng yan" ghost oppression
Thailand: "Phi um" (enveloping ghost)
Hawaii: "Hauka'I po" (night marchers)
a peculiar case of SUNDS
117 healthy Hmong immigrants suddenly died in their sleep
Had barely been on American soil for a few months
Median age of death: 33
Death rate = top 5 natural causes of death for other American men of same age group
No obvious cause of death; none were sick
Were only united by shared culture
the power of the nocebo
Doctors have found that patients made to feel anxious need larger amounts of opiates after surgery than other people.
Pretending to expose people who say they are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation to cell phone signals can give them debilitating headaches.
Chinese Americans die younger if they were born in a year that was astrologically linked to poor health.
Similar effects were not found in the white populations around them.
How much sooner one died depended on
the person's "strength of commitment to
traditional Chinese culture."

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