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Club Sports Advisor Training

No description

Mary Yemma

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Club Sports Advisor Training

Training University
Recreation Club Sports 2012 NC State Club Sports Give sound advice
- Programs
- Use of facilities
- Operational procedures

Mentor officers when needed The mission of Competitive Sports is to provide
competitive, recreational and instructional
opportunities for the NC State community.

We are committed to the development of successful and quality teams with a focus on enhancing the
collegiate experience through leadership development, teamwork, sportsmanship, diversity, responsible and ethical conduct, healthy active lifestyles and fun. Student run organization
Leadership, Interest, Involvement & Participation
Sport & Recreational activities
Private Organization Separate from NC State
Affiliated as a Registered Student Organization
Transferable Skills Advisor Clubs and their members may need different things at different times. Talk early in the year with the organization to determine what roles, style, and functions you may want to use for the year. Meet the
team Competitive Sports Team
Advisors Faculty/Staff Advisor Constitution and bylaws; be prepared to render assistance with their interpretation

NC State’s policies and rules, which govern registered student organizations

Work closely with the officers & offer input into the club’s decision-making processes
- but s/he should not assume a leadership role

Develop leaders by encouraging the growth of initiative, responsibility, & leadership in the officers and student-athletes

Lend his/her experience, judgment, & knowledge

Maintain continuity in club programming Contacts Mary Yemma Marlene Wong
910.232.3014 510.672.0293
919.513.3890 919.515.1862

Matt Seibring Dan Payne
320.248.7188 407.923.6253
919.513.1012 919.513.3891

University Recreation
919.515.PLAY Risk Mgmt While liability must be a concern, the educational process may be damaged by being paranoid about it.

Just as there is no specific statement explaining faculty liability for every possible classroom incident, there is none covering all possible situations student organizations may encounter.

If you have questions about a specific event, please contact Mary, Marlene, Matt, or Dan.

If you question an action, express concern to Mary, Marlene, Matt, or Dan. Provide knowledge & a historical context of University policies and procedures

Ensure club activities reflect favorably on the University

Offer assistance in developing and overseeing the club budget

Adhere to the policies and rules of the University & obey local, state, & national laws

An individual assumes an advisor’s role voluntarily. However, even though serving as a volunteer, s/he can be expected to uphold the best interests of NC State University Faculty/Staff Advisor
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