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Has homework gone too far?

Homework has gone too far.

Morgan Medina

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Has homework gone too far?

Have you ever...
stayed up late doing homework?
not be able to go outside and play because you have hours worth of homework to do?
Not be able to hang out with friends, or have a life out side of school because of homework?
had barely any time to even eat dinner with your family?
Has homework ever caused stress?
lack of sleep
anger Does homework take you away from the following?
after school activities

Did you know?
In some states homework, is outlawed because some people believe that it is child labor
homework is bad for your body because, it keeps you indoors doing work
homework causes kids to eat more un-healthy to make them selves "relax" or make them feel "better"
Home work may cause your friends to think you are un-cool beacause you can never hang out. Think About It!
Is it fair to have to be at school for 7.5 hours and come home with 2 hours worth or more, of homework

Is it fair to have homework interfear you with family and friends.

Is it fair to not have a good's night sleep ALL because of homework?

How long do you spend each night doing homework? Do you think this is a fair time? Why, why not? Has homework gone too far? Thank you for watching
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