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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

C Period- Mrs. Cassidy

Maddie Brandon

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell By, Lily and Maddie
Mrs. Cassidy C Period Device that converts chemical energy from fuel into electricity through chemical reaction with an oxidizing agent. Electrode- Electrical conductor that makes contact with the part of the circuit that is nonmetallic

Anode- Electrode where an electric current flows into a polarized device

Cathode- Electrode where an electric current flows out of a polarized device Some hydrogen fuel cells can be fueled directly with methanol How Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work Hydrogen fuel cells never run out and never lose charge Operate similar to a battery There are two electrodes (anode & cathode) separated by a membrane Oxygen goes over one electrode and hydrogen over the other The catalyst on the anode reacts with hydrogen and converts hydrogen gas into negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions Electrons go out of cell and are used as electrical energy Hydrogen ions go through electrolyte membrane to the cathode and combine with oxygen to make water Produces heat, water, and electricity Fuels like methanol, natural gas, and gasoline can be reformed to produce the hydrogen Current Uses Hydrogen fuel cells produce heat and electricity used by buildings and apartments. It is also a power source for electric motors propelling vehicles. The main use is for special cars known as . fuel cell vehicles As long as there is Hydrogen (the fuel), Hydrogen fuel cells are able to be used to produce electricity, heat and water. Pros of Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Most have low heat transmission
- Operate longer than batteries
- Reduces amount of greenhouse gases
- Reduces pollution from burning fossil fuels
- Higher efficiency than gas/diesel engines
- Simple maintenance
- Silent operation unlike internal combustion engines
- Reduces economic dependence on politically unstable countries for fossil fuels Energy Conversion
-Chemical energy of fuel Electrical energy + Heat energy (thermal energy)
- In hydrogen fuel cells, chemical energy converts to electrical energy.
- When the hydrogen and the oxygen convert into water, electricity is also produced. Efficiency
The efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells is 83%, as opposed to the more common combustion engine with an efficiency of 58%. Hydrogen can be found in water, air, and carbohydrates. Since hydrogen is rarely found by itself, it can be converted from these resources into pure hydrogen. Therefore, hydrogen fuel can be found anywhere in Connecticut. Since 2000, Connecticut has established the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center; the Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, LLC; and the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition; all places where hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell cars are manufactured and used. Cons of Using Hydrogen
Fuel Cells -Some hydrogen fuel cells require expensive materials
-Not fully developed, and few products are available
-Bigger than batteries and engines
-Storage, producing, and transporting hydrogen is difficult
-expensive to produce
-starting time and time for refueling fuel cell vehicles is longer than cars
-driving range of fuel cells is shorter than cars
-reforming other fuels is hard and not environmentally friendly Hydrogen fuel cells are a good energy source because they do not pollute the environment, they operate longer than batteries, and they don't require fossil fuels obtained from poor countries. Hydrogen fuel cells can be manufactured in a plant in Groton Long Point. This is the least populated town in Connecticut. The town is very rich, and most people only live there in the summer. There is a lot of open space where a power plant could be put. Groton Long Point is also on the water, which can be converted into hydrogen fuel. Bibliography

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