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How To Grow A Window Herb Garden

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Ava Del Viscio

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of How To Grow A Window Herb Garden

How To Grow A Window Herb Garden
Growing a window herb garden might sound easy, but it is a lot of work. There is a ton of research that I had to do before I chose my plants and planted them. Here are the things I needed to find out.
The soil type (luckily they were all the same)
The time it takes them to grow or sprout
How much sunlight they need
The amount of water required
What herbs I like to eat on my food
Then I picked my plants based on this info. I chose Dill, Parsley, Basil, Rosemary, and Chives.
First Sprouts
Why Plants Have to be Transplanted...
Plants need to be transplanted because the roots will eventually grow too large for the beginner pots and then they may not get the nutrients that they need and die.
Why didn't my rosemary and chives grow? Well, there could be many reasons.
I buried the seeds too deep
They didn't get the equal amount of sunlight and/or water
They were dysfunctional seeds.
But I did try to save them by putting plastic wrap over the pots to lock in warmth and moisture. I even put them outside! I plan to let them grow for a few more weeks and if that doesn't work, I will plant new ones.
By Ava Del Viscio
Why I chose this topic....
I have always wanted to grow my own plants, but I had never gotten around to it. When I heard about SDL, I thought "Why not grow a garden?" But then I realized the climate would not be right. Then I had a great idea... grow them inside! So without further ado, let's get started!
The first step of my project is planting my seeds after buying them. I bought a seed starting mix and seed starting pots, then I planted them in the soil about 2 inches down in the small paper maché pots. I put about 4 seeds in two holes in each pot. Then I put them in an aluminum foil baking pan to reflect the sun and warm them up.
During my SDL, I checked the plants every day, looking for signs of sprouts. Finally, on January 22, Dill #1 started to sprout. Then more and more of the plants sprouted. Rosemary and Garlic Chives did not sprout throughout the project because they needed more time to grow. The ones that sprouted are:
Both basils
Both dills
In order for plants to continue their growth, they need to be transplanted, or replanted, into bigger pots. So I transplanted the Parsley, Dill 2, and Basil 2 into their own pots, and Dill and Basil 1 into the same pot after about 3 or 4 weeks. I did not transplant the Chives or Rosemary yet because they have not begun their growth.
Growth So Far...
Here are some pictures of the growth of my plants after about 4 weeks.
Transplanting (continued)
After transplanting Dill 2, Basil 2, and Parsley, I transplanted Dill and Basil 1 into the same pot, since it was bigger.
Not All Herbs are Created Equal
Supplies I needed
Day to Day Maintenance
Herbs, and plants in general, require daily care. Every day I had to:
Move them so that the were in the sun
Water them
Check them to see if there were sprouts
And take photos
The supplies I needed to begin and finish my window herb garden were:
Pot holder
Bigger Transplanting Pots
Pot Labels
What am I going to do with all of these herbs anyway?
I got all of my info from the following websites:
My mentor, my mom

Any Questions?
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