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Ender's Game

No description

Sage Reynolds

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Main Characters
Ender is 6 years old when he is asked to go Battle School. He is a brilliant boy and is a third child. Families are only allowed to have two children, so Ender is made fun of. Ender seems like a shy boy, but he will stand up for himself and be aggressive. He is a mixture of his brother Peter (who is aggressive) and his sister Valentine (who is loving).
Ender lives at home with his brother Peter, his sister Valentine, and his parents. He was selected to attend Battle School. This school is a no gravity simulation school. It is designed to train boys into soldiers and prepare them for real battles against the Buggers. The Battle School is in the space and is plain. It is meant for work, not for good decorations. Ender sleeps in the barracks, where he shares a bunk bed.
Ender's Game
Ender has always relied on his monitor, which is a device placed in the back of his neck. The monitor provides safety for Ender as well as information for the International Fleet. The I.F. is a military group that recruits children in order to turn them into soldiers to fight against the Buggers. The Buggers are an alien group who attacked Earth more than seventy years ago. The children in the Battle School train to become soldiers, ready to defend against the buggers if they come. After Ender gets his monitor removed, many older boys bully him because he no longer has the protection of his monitor. Stilson was one of the bullies in Ender's school. He had to face Stilston when he came back to school without his monitor. Ender brutally beat Stilson so
Graff is the Principal of the Battle School and
recruits Ender. When he is recruiting Ender, he seems to be a very nice friend to Ender. Ender is happy because he knows he will have a friend. Graff starts treating him like a soldier and he says to Ender, "My job isn't to be friends. My job is to produce the best soldiers in the world..." (Card 34) Ender realizes that Graff will treat him like a soldier, not like a friend.
Valentine is Ender's older sister, who loves Ender and is Ender's best friend. She stands up for Ender when older boys harass him. When Ender leaves for Battle School, Valentine is heartbroken. "...he heard Valentine's anguished cry. ' Come back to me! I love you forever!' " (Card 26).
Beginning of Ender's adventure
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Crossing the Threshold
The Belly of the Whale
Road of Trials
Ultimate Boon
The Return
After Ender's monitor is removed, he believes that he is free from the I.F. But the next day when Graff shows up at his house, his ideas begin to change. Graff told Ender and his parents that he had been accepted into Battle School. "...I've come here to invite you to enter the school" (Card 19).Ender realizes that his life will dramatically change. He will have no communication with his family until he is 18. He begins to think about life without his sister Val, who he will miss terribly if he is to accepted this quest. Peter, on the other hand, he would not miss. Perter was always violent and threatening to kill Ender and Val. They would player buggers and astronauts. Ender was always the bugger. Peter would stand on Ender's chest and say, "I could kill you like this.Just press and press until your dead" (Card 12). Ender had many things to think about. Would he leave Val behind in order to protect humanity and himself or would he stay home and risk his life fighting his brother?

Ender first refused the call when he was invited into Battle School. His doubt lasted for moments. He thought he should not leave his home as well as his family then Graff explained to him his parents would not miss him. He was a third and if he left his family would forget him. Val would never forget Ender. She was the reason he thought about staying home. Later he realized he had to leave in order to save humanity.
Ender's first road of trials was when Colonel Graff started to pick on him, so Ender could be isolated from everyone else. "Graff was supposed to pick on him, not set him up as the best. They were supposed to be against each other at first, so they could become friends later" (Card 32). Ender's encounter with the video game, End of the World, took a huge toll on Ender because the game was playing mind tricks on him. For example, the video made him think he was a killer because he saw Peter in a mirror.
The second refusal to call was when he was selected to become a soldier in the army. Commander Graff had to implore for Valentine to help him give Ender a push so he would go to Command School. The reason for this was that Ender was beginning to fell he was turning into Peter. Valentine sent a letter to Ender but the school censored the letter so it benifited them.
Ender is in the Belly of the Whale when he finds out that he has beaten the Buggers without knowing it. Ender had thought that all the battles he had been playing were just for practice, but they were real. "There were no games, the battles were real, and the only enemy you fought was the buggers... They'll never attack us again. You did it. You" (Card 296). Ender became very angry because he didn't want to be a killer, though he was the one who killed a whole Bugger race.
Ender's Ultimate Boon is the egg that he finds on the first colony. He has been sad that he destroyed an entire race that may not have been a threat anymore. The egg triggered Ender to see the final battle through the queen's eyes. (The queen is the mother of all Buggers) He also heard the queen say, " We are like you... We did not mean to murder, and when we understood, we never came again, . We thought were the only thinking beings in the universe. How were we to know we could live in peace?" (Card 321). This let Ender know that they forgave him. He then could find a place for the queen, the buggers could live again, and the humans and buggers could live in peace.
1. What would have happened if Ender had gone back to Earth after beating the buggers?
Ender never returns to Earth. He stays where he grew up, though he does come back from Battle and Command School. Ender goes back to earth for a little bit of time, but does not stay there. He says to Valentine, "We have to go. I'm almost happy here." Valentine then says, "So stay." "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it" (Card 323). This quote is very meaningful because Ender realized that he cannot live somewhere where he doesn't feel pain. Pain is part of Ender's life and will be forever. So, Ender and Val fly from world to world in a starship together. Ender was known as Speaker for the Dead, meaning he spoke for the Buggers. At every place Ender went, he tried to find the perfect location for the hive-queen, so she could awaken and thrive.
2. What would have happened if Ender had never found the egg?
The third refusal to call was when Ender was selected to go to Comand School. All that he wanted to do was relax by the lake. He decided that he wanted to stay on Earth and bask in the sun. Graff had to bring Valentine in again to convince Ender to go to Command School. Valentine and Graff knew that the fate of humanity rested in Enders hands.
Ender has multiple times where he crosses the threshold. The first being when he left his home to attend Battle School. Here, he leaves his old life on Earth to go train to fight the Buggers. The second time Ender is graduated from Battle School to go to Command School. He leaves his life at Battle School, where he was the best, and faces new challenges.
3. If Ender had never met Mazer Rackham, how would this change Ender?
4. If Peter had never been born, would Ender still not want to be a killer? Why or why not?
5. Would Ender be the same person if he had never played the Giant Slayer game? Why or why not?
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