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sofia iatrou

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of weallness

Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Lowlands Region This region it consists southern Ontario where lakes soround it . where it is climate !!!! Summers are warm and humid with about 150 -190 frost free days and year long winters. Temprature can drop to - 30. The year long winter get cold. ANIMALS! Lots of animals surround the Great Lakes area such as Red Squirrels, Green Harons,a common Loon,Wrens and Cardinals. Farming They have lots of vegitation and is also
the second largest farming area in canada the
Saint Lawrence Lowlands has a great ranching
supply like cheese,butter,milk and meat for
the region. Forestry
This region has lots of flat ground exept for a few small hills.Once it was covered in pine,birch,hemlock and maple trees But most of this land has been cleared for the use of farm land. There are lots of lakes in this region
they are lake erie lake hurron lake supieror lake ontario lake michigan some of the lakes you cant evan swim through. Lakes The Saint Lawrence Lowlands Region has a variety of sporty recreational activities such as swimming,hockey,lacrosse,badmonton,soccer,football,golf and baseball.
Sports pictures

Food !!!! There are lots of differnent kinds of foods grow in the great lakes saint lawrence region there are lots of fruits such as cherrys, peaches, grapes ,and apples, they also have vegis such as carrots, corn, onion, beets, peas, and beans some other foods are maple syryp meat cheese milk and butter. land forms The land in this region is pretty flat but there are some hills. jobs There are lots of differnt kinds of jobs in this region such as bankers, office workers people can work on boats since there is lots of water in this region you could also be a coal miner. Natural Resourses Lots of mineral are found in this region such as copper iron steel and gold. Shipping
There is lots of shipping in this area people ship things back and forth. Population The population in the great lakes region is 16.7 million . Pollution
people cant swim or fish very much in lakes.this is caused by factories and ships. Past times
In quebec they have
a festival in the winter
every year the do lots of fun stuff in the festival
they eat maple syrup. HISTORY in this this region the first
to settle were the first nations
then french &enlish people settled. LANGUAGE The language in the great lakes saint lawrence region is mostly english & french. MAIN CITYS there are lots of big
citys in are region some of them are Montreal, Quebec and Toronto is also a big city!!!! by Sofia,Sarah,
Jerrett and Brady
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