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MACUL2011 Awesome El Research Presentations

No description

Marilyn Western

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of MACUL2011 Awesome El Research Presentations

Prezi Glogster Blabberize GoAnimate4Schools Screencast-o-matic Games RWT Printing Press Create a video of your screen actions,
your voice, and pip Awesome
Presentations Boolify WonderWheel Magic Words GoGooligans Notes Voki :-) can embed a Glog
:-( can't embed INTO a glog Management Add up to 50 students Make one! Management Make one! What can you Glog? Students Teachers All About Me
Author study
Michigan Week
Geometric figures
Simple machines
Any research topic
Intro to new unit
Resources for unit study
All about the teacher
Field trip photos Management Make one! Question in today's lesson
All about the teacher
A series of tips Students What can you Voki or Blabberize? Class account Student accounts up to 90 seconds Spelling!!! create a class acccount One thing you learned
What would Abe say?
3 facts about...
Character study :-) choices!
:-( choices! :-( outlining mouth
:-) kids will work at this Management Make one! What can you GoAnimate? url specifically for your school :-) record your own voice
:-( free account is limited:
only 6 voices
can't create new character
only 1 character can talk in each scene Preplan with a storyboard Scenarios to discuss
Intro to unit
How to conduct an experiment
A series of grammar, math,
or spelling rules Students Teachers Steps to solving an equation
Story retelling
Explain scientifc method
Book report Management Make one! What can you Read Write Think + Print? Teachers Students Class newspaper, flyer, etc.
Print as organizer
Minibook of steps
Frequently used tips (flip book) Vocab flip book
Reading response flyer
Biography stapleless book
Historical newspaper PowerPoint Games Game Boards Make one! What can you Game? What can you screencast? Management Make one! Students Vocab = spelling/definition/picture
Use as Venn diagram/mind map
Intro to unit: whole to parts
Assessment What can you Prezi? Make one! Management Teachers click Help for interactive tutorial :-) Intuitive
:-) Lesson plans available
:-( Can't save & finish tomorrow
:-( Links can be kid-confusing It's ok to 'hard copy'! No accounts to set up! Storyboard! Tell a story with pictures
Computer show + tell
Tour class web site/classroom
'Video' your research Keep it less than 2 minutes (up to 15) Make one! Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Twenty Questions
Guess the Covered Word
Hillsborough Squares
Undercover (Concentration) Download PowerPoint or zip Teachers Vocab words
Story comp questions
Unit review
Assessment Students Proper/common nouns
Math facts
Telling time
Punctuation marks Computer tutorial
Sub plan
Record a Voki/Blabber for Glogster Teachers No account necessary Requires mic
Webcam optional Practice! No um's + ah's Keep the flow Adust volume PIP Students Poetry
Water cycle, plant cycle, etc.
All About Me Teachers Marilyn Western mwestern@edzone.net Research projects Address student needs + interests
Meet curriculum standards
Promote higher level thinking This presentation:
7 ways to present info + Handouts on MACUL web site What is Louie Thinking? (Pyramid)
Big Board Facts (Jeopardy)
Racing Games
The Big Wheel
Align the Stars (Connect Four)
What's Behind the Box?
Space Decoder (drill + practice) Download Instructions
Watch video tutorial More games:
Excel games
Word games
Timers :-) AutoSave
:-( MUST plan for kids Handouts
are on
MACUL web site

Visit MACULSpace Forum Gmail Hack fancher@gmail.com fancher+student21@gmail.com
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