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The Elements of Light

The three elements of exposure: ISO, Aperture, Shutter

Mr. Brash

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Elements of Light

Fundamentals of Light
The Elements of Exposure
Capturing a moment requires light to hit the sensor.

In the next few days we will be discovering different types of light, and the elements that make up exposure.
Entire books devoted to lighting.
We will be using this one and various online tutorials.
The amount of light allowed to fall on the sensor (film).
Shutter Speed
More on Shutter Speed
nternational tandardizationrganization
The sensitivity of the sensor (film).

Consider your sensitivity to pain / heat.

Higher numbers mean more sensitive (takes less time for the picture to be recorded).

Higher ISO gives a more noisy photo. (sensor is sensitive to light / distraction)
So why not use ISO 100 all the time?
Remember what the shutter is?

Measured in fractions of a second or full seconds. Slower shutter speeds produce rich photos but with motion blur.

Used to "freeze action" and reduce camera blur.

SLRs and some high-end P&S cameras allow the photographer to select the shutter speed. (Canon = Tv Nikon = S)
If the shutter is only open for a short time, with ISO at 100 the picture will be very dark.
Time Variable
Nikon's Explanation of Shutter Speed
Do you know how to set the ISO on your camera?
Or, is it always in "Auto"? (More on auto and metering another day)

Take some time to check it out - read your manual.
Some P&S Cameras only have the "High ISO" option.
Knowing about your shutter speed and taking the time to set it properly can help in creating a fantastic photo.

Blur on purpose (water).

Freeze action (sports, kids, pets, wind...).

Create the feeling of speed or motion (car tail lights at night).
Time to practice...
There is one more element. Remember what it is?

It will have to wait. Time to get out the cameras and try some shots. Work with your ISO and Shutter Speed. Especially shutter.
It's a complicated beast.
The Elements of Light I
Same shutter speed, different ISO's
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