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All Types

tyler johnston

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Candy

Chocolate White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate Normally solid,
hardly ever any
sort of nut or filling Normally alone or with almonds. sometimes peanuts and even a cream or neugut filling Sweeter, less calorie form of chocolate. can have the same add-ins as Milk Chocolate Hard Candy Suckers Mints Can be any flovor, and filled with anything from bubble gum to Tootsie Rolls Peppermints, Breath Mints, Any sort of candy the is hard and smells good is a form of mint Lollipops Life Savers Life Savers are ring candies that come in many brands. They are like cough drops, but with flavor. Gummies Gummy Bears Fruit Snacks A sugary, chewey snack that all kids love. Can sometimes be filled with fruit juice like in the infamous Gushers Fruit Snacks are a fruity snack with nutritional value. They is just as good, but are healthier Its Awsome!! Tyler Johnston! Candy! Rules!
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