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Children of Elizabethan England

No description

victoria davis

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Children of Elizabethan England

Life of children in the Elizabethan Era
By:Cynthia Harris
Victoria Davis
What did they wear?
Little boys wore skirts between the ages from 3-7 he gets his first pair of breeches and breech hose.
This is called breeching. Which is celebrated with a party.

Infant are wrappped in swaddling bands for the 6 to 12 months. They believe it is unhealthy to give babies the free use their limbs.

School as a child

Boys only go to school. The girls education is learned from home. Which is reading and arithmetic.

The noble children got their education from home and from tutors.

Parents believe that the students must have their education beaten into them.

A child born out of wedlock was consider a bastard. They believed that bastards deserved to be slapped. If you were a bastard you couldn't legally own or inherit property, hold public office, marry, or many ordinary things.
Rise early in the morning to be holy, healthy, and wealthy.
Scratch not thy head with thy finger.
Chew with your mouth closed.
Eat small morsels of meat ; eat softly and drink mannerly.
Reverences thy father and mother as Nature requires.
Say your morning prayers.
At dinner , press not thyself too high; sit in the place appoint thee.
In church kneel, sit, or stand devoutly.
Sup not loud of thy pottage.
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