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szczecin 2016

No description

Enric Fusté

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of szczecin 2016

Diet research
Wrong diets
Admission protocol
Food and feeding
Swift biology
A research on hand-rearing swift
Enric Fusté
BSc (Hons) MSc Wild Animal Biology MRSB
A research on hand-rearing swift
BSc (Hons) MSc Wild Animal Biology MRSB
Enric Fusté
Fluid Ther

Admissions season 2015
Only for
species !!
Diet research
Swift rehabilitation
Admission protocol
Wrong diets effects
Get knowledge!
Swift biology

Admissions season 2009
Cost: 25 €
Cost: 1 €
Cost: 6 €
Meat mince & Cat food
Dairy (lactic) diet
for me!
Poor general condition
Malformation growing
-Retained feather sheats
-Fault bars
-Weakened structure
-Broken feathers
High mortality
Orphans are on our hands...they can not escape
A chick maintained by its founder for a week….fed with a lactic formula from internet...
Mealworm and cricket, a successful diets
Meat diet, a killing diet
Centre Fauna Aiguamolls, 2015
If we are indeed in recover those young, the success depends on the knowledge of the biology of the species.

A realistic approach to the problems involved and surely improving rehabilitation protocols and communication between professionals has the potential to make significant advances in the success, and more importantly, in the animal welfare.
It does not make sense for those involved professionally in wildlife rehabilitation to continue to use them when the outcome is now known.
Cat food diet,.... Looking at the protein, moisture,energy...
Indeed! similar to our insects
So...where is the similarity in here? ....the protein, the fat?
Commercial cheeses
Inițiativa "Drepneaua Neagră România"
Inițiativa "Drepneaua Neagră România"
Inițiativa "Drepneaua Neagră România"
Inițiativa "Drepneaua Neagră România"
Inițiativa "Drepneaua Neagră România"
Eggs and bread
(broken beak)
cat food
Fly larvae
Commercial meat
Dry insectivore paste

-Fly larvae is easily parasited by nematodes
-Hard to digest – Evolved strategies for a carnivore with hard competence

Even with poultry, an omnivore species, really strong on accepting several food items on their diets, it has been proved how an excess on maggots can cause toxicity.

(Téguia et al., 2002) Housefly larvae meal included at 50% in broiler had significantly larger liver suggesting potential toxic effects.

Admissions season 2015!! (juny-september)

2035 swifts, 390 Alpines + 1000 other orphans
We know....we do it well!
Formula invented on the 90s, by an artist
we did change!
in humans....an omnivorous species...
Body response to unusual conditions
Birds adapted to soft foods are typically unwilling to consume hard foods
if they suddenly become available (Klasing 1998, Piersma et al, 1993)

Digestive features are influenced by factors such as diet quality and quantity. Changes in the size and musculature of the different organs, changes in pancreatic enzyme levels, and changes in absorption rates
and retention times (Kasarov 1996)


Swifts may be affected physiologically when changing from a soft diet to the new "hard" air-borne diet?

May not accept the new rough items?

They may need to strengthen the gizzard to assimilate the exoskeletons of the new natural diet.... and these physical adaptations may require several weeks for completion (Kasarov 1996; Klasing 1998)

...and doing so in preparation for migration, when birds increase their food intake and store the energy and nutrient reserves to fuel the costs of the migratory flight

100 g of swifts!
Provide with knowledge the first aid
Control the progress
Give them comfort
Enjoy how well they can grow
Wild or hand-reared? ...no difference
Give them the opportunity to fly
but not just to the next field....to Africa
Feed them well
Wielkie dzięki!!
Zofia Brzozowska "Fundacja Ratujmy Ptaki"
Fundacja Ratujmy Ptaki
Zofia Brzozowska "Fundacja Ratujmy Ptaki"
Desselberguer (lactic) formula
Desselberguer formula
Desselberguer formula
Desselberguer formula
Desselberguer formula
Cervais Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Gouveia, Portugal

(08 July 2011): A chick is admitted with a weight 25g

(25 July 2011): Released with a weight 43g, 18 days on the rehabilitation centre

(31 October 2014): Found dead in a house attic
(Desselberger fomula)
Centre de Fauna Aiguamolls
is a real concern
Always supplemented properly
do not desperate, be patient
nest fidelity
Fallen out the nest
Lost of nest sites
Insect scarcity
Breeding area
Wintering area
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