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IBM CoderDojo Intro Sept 2015

Information sharing for the first CoderDojo in September

Sean Callanan

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of IBM CoderDojo Intro Sept 2015

What we are going to be doing...
IBM CoderDojo
Find out stuff
How YOU work
Provide projects for you
How the Mentors work
How IT works
What you need to know
With only one rule....
Coding CLUB for young people
Help if your club mates can't
How YOU work
Give hints
BUT we are NOT the teachers
NOTE: IT's NOT a class
Present your Stuff
You can show off your work to the group
if you want!
How IT works
How do you Learn?
It's all on the web
Just got to find it!
Encourage you
Figure things out
It's all on the web
You just need to find it!
Lots more...

So Let's Get To IT :o)
And the reward is LEARNING - No badges or belts
Help each other
Be inquisitive
and .... Have fun
Some of the things we'll learn
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