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Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes

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Sandy Henry

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes

By Sandy Henry Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes in America What is a "Stereotype"? Ethnic Stereotypes in America Stereotyping & Its Evil Consequences Asian-American Stereotypes A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing White-American Stereotypes Confederate flag, redneck racists
They are very proper
They have bad body odor
They age the worst
Dumb, blonde bimbos
White people are painted as the superior race with blonde hair and blue eyes. They are often the only ones who are ever considered American. If you look "ethnic" in any way, you must not be American born Black-American Stereotypes Black people cannot swim
We all have bad attitudes
We all speak in Ebonics
We are great dancers and athletes
We are hyper sexual
Blacks in America have had the greatest evolution in stereotypes of any race; we were once stereotyped as mammies and uncle toms. Now, we are gang bangers and ghetto The Issues With Ethnic Stereotypes Semitic-American Stereotypes Hispanic-American Stereotypes Cont. Hispanics are considered an ethnicity, not a race
Hispanics come from different races and backgrounds. (White-Hispanics, Black-Hispanics, Asian-Hispanics, etc.) Racial
Stereotypes in
America Division of people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of physical characteristics which result from genetic ancestry. A population of human beings whose members identify with each other on the basis of a real or a presumed common ancestry, cultural trait, religious trait, or common language They're JUST Stereotypes!! Where do Stereotypes Come From? Lack of knowledge about different racial and ethnic groups; ignorance
Strong media influence
Some stereotypes are based on some form of a truth but that truth becomes WAY oversimplified and generalized Race- All Asians look the the same
They are all Chinese
They are terrible drivers
Asian students get disowned by their parents if they don't get consistent, straight A+'s at school
Asian women have little to no curves; boyish frames
Asians are painted as yellow people with buck teeth and closed eyes who wear kimonos Ethnicity- People who come from the same race will start to discriminate and stereotype based on different religions, cultures, heritages, and languages
Separates the American people even more
Prohibits different racial communities from advancing in America because of intercultural conflicts Jews Arabs Big noses
Greedy Terrorists
Sand people
Camel riders
Savages Hispanic-American Stereotypes They all crossed the Border (Mexicans)
They are hot-blooded; passionate lovers
Great dancers
They mow lawns (Mexicans)
All Hispanics in America are painted as this race of people with curly, dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes (mestizo Hispanics) The Holocaust Started from pure hatred towards a certain ethnic group
Hitler began to spread propaganda in media and lies about Jews, claiming they were money and power hungry and a threat to society
The Germans, who admired Hitler, accepted these stereotypes
Resulted in The Holocaust, the killing of 6 million Jews and 5 million others Cause Effect Stereotypes are NOT facts
One stereotype cannot define a whole group of people
American society will NOT advance unless it looks pass the stereotypes of its different groups of people and stops promoting these stereotypes in media
Americans should celebrate, cherish, and respect all groups of people and the individuals within each racial/ethnic group
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