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EDUC 332, Wk. 3, Cl. 6 (Calendar Time)

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Chloe Bolyard

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of EDUC 332, Wk. 3, Cl. 6 (Calendar Time)

[Remediation and] Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Week 3, Class 6: Friday, January 27, 2017

Calendar Time Workshop
EDUC 332/333
Calendar Time
Looking Ahead
At the end of this class, students will be able to...

list ways that calendar time can be used to enhance mathematical understanding in early elementary grades
Today's Objectives
Check In
Looking Ahead
Calendar Time
Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up
Think: How has your thinking about mathematics instruction shifted as a result of today's class?
Stand up, walk around with your hand up
Find someone not from your table and partner up
Introduce yourselves if you don't know each other.
Share your thoughts
Return to your seat
How are you today?
What's weighing on your mind/heart?
Prayer requests?
Monday, 1/30
Readings: sign up for an article on Canvas to read for Monday. We will jigsaw these readings in class.
Article review is due

Coming up...
Observation at Jeffries on Wednesday, 2/1
Guest Speaker: Dr. Huechteman
Professor of Education
At EU since 1981
Formerly the Ed. Dept. Chair
Has taught reading and math methods (and several others!)
Getting started with calendar time (PDF on Canvas)
Calendar time video (link on Canvas)
Calendar time student journal page (PDF on Canvas)
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