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Literature Presentation on Exploring the Group Prenatal Care

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Meilani Jamias

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Literature Presentation on Exploring the Group Prenatal Care

Literature Presentation on Exploring the Group Prenatal Care Model: A Critical Review of the Literature
- delivery of a healthy, full-term baby

– providing individual prenatal care, which is the traditional educational approach that is system centered usually done during prenatal visits
- giving group prenatal care incorporates prenatal care and patient education in a comprehensive format often led by nurse facilitators, which often meets every month until the last few weeks of pregnancy with 8-12 women

- pregnant women

- doctor's office for individual prenatal care
- setting varies for group prenatal care

Conceptual Models and Theories
Nola Pender
She conceptualized the health promotion model. There are variable factors that affect a person’s behavior toward health management. Nurses can modify these behaviors leading to a better health and optimization of functional ability throughout the stages of life.

Relate the research findings to nursing concepts
Meilani Jamias
October 11, 2013
Professor Patricia Stoffers
I choose this article because this is another confirmation of how nurses impact health and community. The research findings are quite powerful because it affect several sectors involve in health stratum. Group prenatal care promotes patient participation since it is patient-centered, it optimize resources as this is held by a nurse facilitator with eight to twelve participants, and it is time efficient for both the participants and the nurse.
this article
Describe the nursing concepts discussed in the article
These two middle range theories were adapted to strengthen the conceptualization of the link between pregnant women and the group prenatal care model. Pender’s health promotion model was a component in the group prenatal care by providing health education on self-care. Swanson’s theory of caring was evident by enabling these women to take responsibility of their health by providing them tools and support.
Kristen Swanson conceptualized the Theory of Caring. Its main concepts are knowing, being with, doing for, enabling and maintaining belief. These framework of caring is associated with the nurse’s attitudes and intended outcome of an improved client well-being.
Concept Triangulation
Group prenatal care critical review of the literature covers 11-year period of research. Inclusion criteria for the search were the following:
a. Studies using quantitative or qualitative methodology
b. Studies comparing group prenatal care to traditional or individual prenatal care
c. Studies comparing prenatal outcomes prior to and following group prenatal care implementation
d. Studies or review articles discussing group prenatal care in a prenatal/childbirth education context
Explain how the nursing concepts affect your nursing practice

The article showed the benefits of utilizing group prenatal over individual prenatal. Group prenatal is individualized, cost effective, and time efficient model. As a future FNP, identification of an existing or potential problem is crucial in challenging an existing practice. Research and EVP are one of the most effective methods of improving thus changing practice. Nursing is constantly expanding. Participation in research studies and/or consistently updating oneself on the current practice are critical components of a safe and effective family practice.

Health care is continuously evolving. Evidenced-based practice in a cost effective, time efficient manner are the benchmark of nursing practice currently. This literature is the analytical review of research articles on individual and group prenatal care that were released between 1998 and 2009. Longer gestations and higher birth weights in infants born to mothers participating in group prenatal care were reported. The research findings reinforced the nursing concepts of Pender and Swanson, which geared nursing to help patients be responsible for their own health through health advocacy and caring attitude of a nurse.
Paech, M. (2007). Nursing Theorists and Their Work (6th ed.). Contemporary Nurse : A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 24(1), 106
Thielen, K. (2012). Exploring the group prenatal care model: A critical review of the literature. The Journal of Perinatal Education, 21(4), 209-218
Theoretical foundations of nursing. Nola Pender. Retrieved from http://nursingtheories.weebly.com/nola-pender.html

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