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Knowing Your Buildings

Through "few load paths"

Craig Schwinge

on 11 June 2012

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Transcript of Knowing Your Buildings

Knowing Hazardous Building Features and Conditions with "FEWLOADPATHS + 3-U's"
In order to reduce unforced mental errors, missteps and unsafe operating positions, we need to:
Have accurate observation
Situational awareness
Recognize hazardous building features and fire conditions
Utilize knowledge and experience in knowing what happens to the building when involved in fire
In short, we all need to become more building literate
We can avoid near misses, LODI and LODDs by better knowing our buildings
“Fools learn from experience, wise men learn from the experience of others.”
--Otto von Bismark
Be attentive to hazardous building features and serious fire conditions
Perform continuous size-up
Communicate changes to the building and fire conditions
“Things that go wrong are predictable and predictable is preventable.”
--G. Graham
We cannot predict in which buildings fire will occur.
We cannot predict in which buildings failure will occur.
But we can remember FEWLOADPATHS+3-U’s as a way to be more observant and to communicate identifiable building hazards
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