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Copy of ASL Unit 1 Sec 1

No description

Dianne Prairie

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of ASL Unit 1 Sec 1

Welcome to American Sign Language-ASL

Classroom Exercise
What are their names? Provide each person’s name in a complete ASL sentence.

Classroom Exercise
Introductions in the Deaf community tend to include both first and last names.
New friends often know relatives or have common friends
Many Deaf have stories about meeting a friend of a friend in other cities, states or countries.
How is this similar or different from your own community?

Deaf Culture Minute
She is Crystal Olson.
Practice signing each sentence in ASL.
Classroom Exercise
Introduce yourself to your classmates, fingerspelling your complete name carefully.

Classroom Exercise
Which sign means
'looked at me'
and which means
'focus or pay attention'
How do you know?

Eyes On You
“American Sign Language is of great value to the deaf, but could also be of great benefit to the hearing as well… it is superior to spoken language in its beauty and emotional expressiveness. It brings kindred souls into a much more close and conscious communion than mere speech can possibly do.”

~Thomas Gallaudet, 1848, a hearing man who brought education to deaf children.
Gallaudet University the only deaf university in the world was named after him.

Classroom Exercise
Dialogue: Work with a partner to sign a dialogue using vocabulary you’ve learned.
Greetings: Greet your classmates and ask how they are.
Classroom Exercise
More Greetings

More Greetings

They are busy.
How is everybody?: Sign each sentence in ASL following the example.

Classroom Exercise

ASL Up Close
Pointing is a logical feature of a signed, non-spoken language
It is not rude or impolite.
Point to empty space if person or object is not visible
This is called deixis.

ASL Up Close
How are you?: Ask a partner to tell you how another classmate is doing.
Hello!: Exchange greetings with a classmate and ask how he or she is doing.

Classroom Exercise
How are you?

How are you?

How are you?
What’s up? is an informal way of asking
"How are you"?
Be sure to lift your chin, and smile!

Sign Hi! to friends
With adults or people you don’t know well, use more formal Hello.
Unit 1
Master ASL!
First and Last: Practice fingerspelling the first and last names of your partner.

Pause slightly between the first and last name.
What is your name?: Ask your partner for their names. Fingerspell it back to make sure you’re right.

Maintain eye contact when signing to others or when others sign to you.
Maintaining eye contact does not mean staring. If you must look away, make the hold on sign first.

Eyes On You
What time of day is it?: Is it afternoon, evening, or morning in each illustration?

Classroom Exercise
More Greetings

ASL Up Close
How are you?

I Want to Know…
My name is _____.
She’s good.
My name is Karen.
He’s Jon Wurgler.
I’m Janis, he’s Jon.
She's Nancy.
She is _____.
His name is ______.
Her name is ______.
Her name is _____.
She is happy.
I am confused.
We are happy.
I’m sleepy.
It’s so-so.
He’s fine.

Any questions so far?

Write your thoughts on what
you think this means..?
Fingerspell your ABC's

Write Response-Reaction paragraph...
in your journal.

Pictures of classmates
What do you think being Deaf is like? What sorts of experience do you think a Deaf individual would have? In what ways do you imagine being Deaf is different from your own life? How is it similar?
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