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Navidad en la República Dominicana

No description

MaKayla Campbell

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Navidad en la República Dominicana

Navidad en la
República Dominicana Christmas in the Dominican Republic Tradiciones de Navidad Canciones de Navidad
y de la Música Village Singing Christmas Song El Extremo El TiempoEl tiempo de Navidad Religious Traditions AguinaldosDominican Republic Words and Phrases Traditions Puerco Asado Pasteles en Hojas Galletitas Dulces y Biscochos Comida de Navidad Roasted Pork Biscuits and cakes
filled with figs, Danish Butter Biscuits and other Tropical root vegetables cooked in
banana or plantain leaves Strarts Dec. 1st - Ends Jan. 6th
No Santa Claus
Children don't receive gifts until the Day of Kings, which is January 5th
the Government requires all employers to double their workers salary for the entire month of December
Put up hand woven statues made out of small trees, vines and grass
Many weddings are celebrated The whole country shuts down for the Holy week.
Most Dominicans are Christians and they celebrate Navidad (Christmas) as an expression of their faith.
Nativity scenes are more common than Christmas trees in the Dominican Aguinaldos
Estrella de Navidad
Angelitos (Little Angels) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlwBhiR-osgWeather in the Dominican Republic is usually sunny and hot year around but not last year...
this odd weather occurance brought people from all over the island to visit the mountain City of Constanza, or more particularly the surrounding forests.
Traditions Nativity scenes
Christmas trees
Wreaths "kind of informal parties at home, where a group of people, singing traditional Christmas melodies like 'A las Arandelas', will get people to open the doors for them and invite them in for some typical Dominican Republic Christmas foods(visiting the Dominican Republic)" "literally means a dry branch of tree; which is
painted in a white color and decorated with
lights, ribbons, glass balls, etc.(visiting the
Dominican Republic)" "Under the tree, it is one of the Christmas traditions in
the Dominican Republic to have a 'Nacimiento', which
is the representation of the birth of Jesus, surrounded
by Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men and, of course, all the animal from the stable - in other words
a typical 'nativity scene'(visiting the
Dominican Republic)" "Literally 'the Star of the Birth
(of Christ)', and it is found
growing in many people's gardens, where
it can reach up to 2 meters in
height or more(visiting the
Dominican Republic)" "Term used for the Dominican Republic
Christmas tradition of exchanging small
presents between friends or work colleagues.
The names of all people involved are written
on small papers which are then put in a basket.
Everyone will pick up one name and
consequently become their 'little angel'
responsible for 'secretly' buying them a
present(visiting the
Dominican Republic)" Christmas Food
in the
Dominican Republic Christmas Time By: MaKayla Campbell & Kaylie Padgett
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