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Effectuation/Business Model Canvas (E/BMC)

Playing with ideas

Erwin Sengers

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Effectuation/Business Model Canvas (E/BMC)

Left = internal organisation
Middle = customer value
Right = customer
What's new?
Brand /status
Personal help
Automatized services
Strategic alliences
Joint venture
What's your dream, your idea?
What's your additional value?
Profit is not 'allway's in money'..
What's allready in your hand
Effectuation/Canvas, why?
Any market approach requires a fresh look on existing things. "Every fortune is at the bottom of the pyramid".

Business allway's starts with an idea, hopefully your idea..

Entrepreneurs identify businessopportunities & act on it, here and in this moment
you make for yourself, a plan you make for the bank, a BMC creates a new situation, every time . Start with a blank canvas, create.., adapt, go byond borders, ad value, GOGOGO
An Effectuation/BMC gives you insightes by interacting with yourself & the outside
Change BMC any time you want to, it's customer based
Why do they have to participate?
Resume: What's your reason why?
Who are you?
What are you able to do, work with the money in your pocket..
Is your product/service doable?
What are your USP's?
What is the market where the product or
service will be sold?
Under = finance
Should be real different segments,
in proposal, distribution, relation
Define all moments of contact
during the buying proces
What are you doing?
How are you doing it?
What is the opinion of your

How do you actually earn your money?
Start with paying yourself
from a realistic perspective
All costs (time/money) that make the business(model) work
What costs can we eliminate?
Who wants your service/product, why?
Reduction of costs, waste
energy, risks
Must reflect the context
Current available
Related to the goal
Related to the future
Customer Relations
Customer Segments
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Effectuation/Business Model Canvas
Sustainable business =
Smart business ..
Goiing to market?, Ok - but ....
Look & feel
Shape, form etc. = trademark
Adding value to a customer's choice
What you can not tell in more than 1A4 is useless.
Effectual Canvassing is all about the Entrepreneur involved
Being the CEO of the Bijenkorf you create
an up to date E/BMC
Learning by doing - A new attitude towards work
Questions to do well & to do good
1 A4

Less is more

And think lean,
Specify what creates value from the customers perspective
Identify all steps across the whole value stream
Make those actions that create value flow
Only make what is pulled by the customer just-in-time
Strive for perfection by continually removing successive layers of waste
More/less expensive why?
Going to market? Ok, but ..
Adress: Gedempte Gracht 28, 2512 CB Den Haag
Focus on activities within your control
You can make the future!
What are you willing to lose
in terms of money/time
Form partnerships
with people willing to make a real commitment
to jointly creating the future
All about means
There is no perfect oppertunity

Emabrace surprices that arise from
uncertain situations, remain flexible..
Affordable loss
Bird in the hand
Basically it's all about the question:
It's about YOU
BMCYou -Is about YOU answering 9 questions:

Whats your interaction with the environment?
Who do you help?
Who's is helping you?
How are you helping?
What are you doing?
What do you actually get?
How do they now you, how are you delivering?
Whats your value?
What do you give?
Keep 5 principles in top of mind
Bird in the hand
Affordable loss
Crazy Quilt
Pilot in the plane
RESEARCH (Idea,Market,Evaluation)

Trends: deskresearch paper (3 A4)
Customers: asking 10 potential clients by interview (1 A4 per client)
One Enquête to test your proposition (min. 20 questions)
Competitors: 1 benchmark (quality reference)
Distributionchannels: 1 benchmark (quality reference)
Key partners: 3 interviews
Wie jou helpt
Wat je doet
Wie je bent,
wat je hebt
Wat je geeft
Hoe je helpt
Hoe jouw
Hoe ze je kennen
hoe je levert
Wie jij helpt
Wat je krijgt
Jullie probleem....?
Wat is precies het probleem?
Wie heeft dat probleem?
Wat zijn de doelstellingen?
Wat zijn de randvoorwaarden voor de oplossing?
Wat moet er ten allen tijde voorkomen worden?
Waar is al eerder aan gedacht?
Welke achtergrond informatie is beschikbaar?
Behoefte doelgroep
Toegevoegde waarde
Contact klant
Waar komen je inkomsten vandaan
geld, maar ook plezier
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