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Eating Disorders

Anorexia - Bulimia - NOS (SRED, Pica, and Binge Eating)

Nerdy Michelle

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Eating Disorders

No confirmed cures, but some treatments can help such as:

Overnight sleep study
Holistic Treatments
Locked Cabinets & Refrigerator
Clear Pathways to kitchen Most common 3.5% 2% Bulimia Nervosa Causes Anorexia
Nervosa Is a condition where
a person has
no desire or
appetite to eat
and is incapable
of eating Sleep Related
Eating Disorders Pica What is Pica? Eating Disorders Causes Is about more than just food and weight
Symptoms of something deeper: Treatments Using diet pills
Swollen cheeks
Calluses or scrapes on the knuckles
Teeth that look clear
Broken blood vessels in the eyes
Substance abuse problems Feeling the need to engage in unhealthy food habits (binging and purging with various foods) to satisfy an unrealistic self-image Culture
Life Changes
Stressful Events
Personality Traits
Biology Cognitive behavioral therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Family Based Treatment
Interpersonal Therapy
Antidepressant Medications Treatments available:
Includes both short and long-term measures
Seeing a dietitians
Seeing a psychiatrists
Seeing a medical specialists

(Therapy is often complicated by the
patient's resistance or failure to carry
out a treatment plan.) *Causes* Treatments Description Some sleep eaters walk into their kitchen, prepare, and eat food with no recollection of doing so because they are asleep Sleep eating is characterized by abnormal eating patterns during the night Sleep eaters tend to have at least one episode every night, and these usually occur regardless of having any actual feelings of hunger or thirst detected by the brain Treatments Alternative treatments for all eating disorders mentioned There are no real causes of SRED, however people with some particular histories appear to be at a higher risk of acquiring the disorder: Stress
Sleep Disorders
Mental Disorders
Addictive Substance withdrawal
Other Eating Disorders & Dieting
May Precede Some Forms of Mental Illnesses
Medications Used to Treat Depression and Insomnia Causes Consumption of large amounts of food on a regular basis
A serious eating disorder
Also known as compulsive eating disorder

Symptoms of Binge Eating:
Embarrassment/shameful of eating habits
Eating in secrecy
Inability to stop eating
Eating to relieve stress levels
Hording foods Biological:
Hypothalamus miscommunicating hunger/fullness messages to brain Social/Cultural:
Pressure to be thin
Family comforting child with food Psychological:
Low Self-esteem
Dissatisfaction with Self Image What is binge eating? Causes Binge
Eating Treatments Anorexia Nervosa - Erin Bulimia Nervosa - Ashley SRED - Laura Pica - Michelle Binge Eating - Lynn References Complications Weight Gain
Choking on Food
Tooth Chipping
Sleep Disturbances
Diabetes Can Weaken the Effect of Medications Due to Weight Gain
Injury while Sleepwalking or Preparing Food
Ingestion of Strange and/or Dangerous Combinations of Food
Ingestion of Non-food Items Therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Nutritional Therapy
Emotional Support Therapy
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Exercise Regiment Medication
Appetite Suppressants
Phentermine (Adipex)

Medication is to be used with other treatment options, not as a sole remedy for the issue Holistic
Treatments Yoga
Adventure Based Therapy / Wilderness Therapy
Energy Psychology - Emotional Freedom Techniques
Functional Medicine # An eating disorder that causes compulsive ingestion of non-nutrient substances on a repetitive basis for a minimum of at least one consecutive month Other Signs: Feeling out of control Pressure to be perfect Insecurity Loneliness Depression Group Task
List *Ashley* *Erin* *Laura* *Lynn* *Michelle* PSYC 101 Group Presentation Social/Cultural Expectations There are no conclusive evidence to explain what triggers pica Nutritional Deficiencies Dieting Malnutrition Developmental Problems Stress Anorexia Nervosa Pregnancy Food Deprivation Complications Liver
Constipation Intestinal Blockage
Internal Infections
Typically from geophagia (eating earth matter)
Death, if untreated or unsupervised
A collection of indigestible matter trapped inside one’s body Organ Damage
Lead Poisoning
Mercury Poisoning # Pica is Latin for “magpie”; which is a type of bird that eats everything that is available for consumption # Pica is found in all ages, sexes, social-economical backgrounds, and cultures * There is no test to authenticate whether a person has pica or not

* There is no one cure for pica once a person has been diagnosed *** The most common suspicions are: *** * Aversion Therapy
* Behavior Modification aka Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
* Consult with a physician
* Identify any mineral deficiencies
* Identify any pre-existing health conditions
* Differential Reinforcement
* Medications (SSRI) * Completed signs, explanation, and part
of treatments
* Found images and video clip on topic
* Gave information on topic to
* Reviewed and discussed final draft of
Prezi and task list Bulimia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa * Completed description, explanation, and
* Presented “Intro” and “Anorexia Nervosa”
* Organized group meetings
* Found images and video clip on various disorders
* Follow up with group to confirm everyone was on
the same page
* Defined bulimia nervosa
* Put together task list draft
* Reviewed and discussed final draft of Prezi and
task list Binge Eating * Completed description, explanation,
and treatments
* Presented “Binge Eating” and “Pica”
* Found images and video clips for
* Reviewed and discussed final draft
of Prezi and task list Sleep Related Eating Disorder * Completed description, explanation, and
* Presented and researched “Bulimia Nervosa”
and “SRED”
* Found images and video clips on various
* Researched “Holistic Treatments” for all
* Created script to be presented for "Holistic
* Reviewed and discussed final draft of Prezi
and task list Pica * Completed description, explanation, and
* Found images and video clip for various
* Gave information on topic to Presenter
* Edited groups research to create Prezi
* Ran Prezi software during presentations
* Completed part of “Treatments” for bulimia
* Presented "Holistic Treatments"
* Edited, reviewed, discussed final draft of Prezi
and task list - Wellbutrin - Ritalin
- Zyprexa
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