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"Scariest" Reads

I asked a bunch of peeps on Twitter, G+, and Facebook, "What's the scariest book you've ever read?" They answered.

Lari H.

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of "Scariest" Reads

I asked. They answered. "What's your scariest read?" Masters of Short Horror A text doesn't have to be as long as a novel to inspire fear or dread. Here are some shorts or masters of short fiction that will leave you scared. "Real"-ish Horror Here are some non-fiction suggestions I received. Children's Horror Some stuff sticks with you when you're a kid. Horror Novels I had quite a few suggestions here. I'll let the titles speak for themselves. READ ALL THE STEPHEN KING No doubt. Stephen King tingles the most spines. "IT" got the most votes. Scary clowns rub a lot of peeps the wrong way. Remember those gruesome illustrations? OK, so no one actually told me this title, but come on, "Night of the Living Dummy" was so creepy when I was a kid. "I'm scared of us. I want to go home." This is one no one mentioned but one I'm including because it really creeped me out in college, and it's my prezi, so there. Poe is the father of the modern detective story, and contributed greatly to gothic fiction, sci-fi, and horror. Lovecraft is an inspiration to all horror writers. His "Cthulu Mythos" is remarkable. "A Child Called It" is about outrageous neglect and abuse. Depending on your POV, the "Good Book" can be quite horrifying. The horror of viral outbreak Horror Novels - Continued... This digital book display courtesy of That Radical Librarian http://www.thatradicallibrarian.com A story about the treatment of "Sybil" a woman who suffered from dissociative identity disorder
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