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what does "just a burger mean?"

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shay camplin

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of what does "just a burger mean?"

what does "just a burger mean?"
a look inside America's broken food system
sub question #3 what are the environmental costs?
environmental costs are a big concern. some environmentalists and other activist sometimes don't pay attention to the beef industry. cars are not the only source of carbon emissions.
sub question #2 what are the health risks?
in factory farming antibiotics in the feed/water is just a given at most factory farms for all animals. other possibilities are harmful in ways such as e coil and salmonella. another worry is growth hormones and though they say: *no
significant changes have been found in cow treated with artificial hormones we don't know if it is 100% safe.
so what does, "just a burger mean"?
in this presentation we will talk about our broken food system specifically the beef industry and how we can farm more sustainably. just start buying from farms that are more suitable and this could potentially help save our planet. the beef industry creates 30% pollution in the us just helping a little bit would get us closer to saving our planet.
sub question #1
why does a burger contain so much water?

How much water does it take to make a 1/3 pound burger?
It takes 660 gallons of water to create a 1/3 pound hamburger. (The patty alone)
depending on the farm and other variables it can be more or less water intensive.

what takes the water?
Since cattle eat such massive quantities of feed especially the beef industry now is trying to get them fatter quicker so, More feed = more water.
this is what mc'donalds responsibility report looks like
sustainable supply chain? sustainable?
nutrition and well-being? last time i checked burgers aren't healthy neither is soda. although mcdonalds sells better options what's advertised is mostly burgers.
so how can i help?

the things you can do are not limited a few little changes can make a huge impact
don't eat beef as often or not at all
be careful where you buy your beef try to avoid buying from non-organic company's
avoid buying beef from fast food chains

even thought this is in Australia this is a good representation of our beef industry and about how much is organic makes up the industry.
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