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Content & Digital Marketing

No description

Caroline Nuttall

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Content & Digital Marketing

Content & Digital Marketing
How to make my marketing WORK
How can I...
make my marketing $ actually do something?
get people to care about what I say on social media?
get more customers?
get my current customers to be more loyal?
be more successful?

Why your customers don’t like you (as much as they could!)
Mobile Imperative
By 2015, mobile will outnumber computers. In 2013, mobile > computers for web site visits. Get RESPONSIVE. (Quirktools)
Hook (Wine Library, Fold)
Repeatable format
Concept with "legs" (Mrktg Cookie)
Daypart (NBC)
Log line (Say Daily)
The "X" factor
Clearly defined audience (Tractor Supply)
Stop talking about YOU, start talking about what people care about - PERIOD.
Content Brand Ingredients
It's HARD and you're busy, so PARTNER for great content brands! Find someone doing it and attach yourself to the content by underwriting.
Lift your INDUSTRY
= inc sales for aquariums, fish, food, gravel, pumps, etc. Rising tide!
Convince consumers to by your brand of fish food ($$! hard!), or focus on getting more people to buy fish.
Look for opportunities to make long-term plays that increase the size of the market itself. Pool your resources with other like-minded companies to move your market!


WHAT IF we stopped selling and started helping?
Just be USEFUL. Be exceedingly relevant
Play the LONG game
3 Types of YOUtility:
1. Self-serve info
2. Radical Transparency
3. Real-time solutions (be the BEST solution SOMETIMES instead of mildly useful always)
Content is fire, social media is gasoline. Use social media to promote your Youtility first, company second. You’ve gotta by USEFUL, not promotional.
"Ads that people want to see"
How to do it well:
Good content, period.
NOT PROMOTIONAL AT ALL. No mention, no call to action, no promo.
Got to be useful, shareable, interesting, editorial-type content, in line with the brand you’re partnering with.
Human is attached (byline)
Transparent. If it’s good content, it shouldn’t matter where it’s coming from.

Measurement - should be engagement metrics. How are people interacting with your content? Benchmark it against editorial and other native advertising brands.
43% of emails are read on mobile.
Large font (14 px min)
Single column (max width 500 px)
Large buttons (“finger is the new mouse”)
High contrast
Don't forget the content!
Own quality time in someone's inbox:
1 email = 10 Facebook fans = 100 Twitter followers
Same time, every time - an appointment with your audience
Log line
Aim for zero opt out rate
Identify one content hole in my industry in my market
Do my fractal tree
Identify 5 potential content brand partners (& start consuming their content)
How can I be a resource?
Look at your emails on mobile
Get a responsive design
90/10 Rule
Ask yourself: What content does my audience already have a relationship with and how can my brand embrace it?
Oftentimes, the content you produce will have little to do with the actual products you sell and more to do with the audience you're looking to attract.
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