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A lesson on Satire

Carrie Tinkham

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Satire

Satire Definition Satirical Styles Examples Satire: A writing designed to make readers critcize themselves, society, human foolishness or weakness, human vices or crimes, or anything else that the writer is dissatisfied with in general. Direct: Satire is directly stated
Indirect: satire is communicated by characters in a situation Satirical Types Horatian: light-hearted, intended for fun
Juvenalian: bitter, angry attacking Satirical Devices Irony: actual intent is carried in words that is opposite the actual meaning.
Parody: A composition imitating another (usually serious) piece of literary work or style
Burlesque: imitation of a person or subject with aims to amuse
Sarcasm: a sharply mocking or contemptuous remark Satire in movies
-Anything by Christopher Guest
Trailer from Airplane! Scene from "Best in Show"
The "Busy Bee" Satirical Essays
-"Why I hate literature, and why you should too" Satire in Political Cartoons Satire in Advertising Satire in Politics
-Late Shows Satire in Popular Culture
-"Family Guy"
-"The Middle"
-"The Simpsons Questions?
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