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Of Mice and Men- John Steinbeck

No description

Alyssa Ciardi

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men- John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men:
John Steinbeck

Summary of the Book
.George and Lenny are Migrant Workers
.George looks after Lenny due to his mental disorder, and because of this Lenny doesn't always know his strength.
.On the way to the farm they will be working at, they stop at a small clearing with a pond.
.Once they get to the farm they meet many different people who start to stir up trouble.
.Lenny's strength begins to get him into trouble.
.George, as always does whats best to get Lenny out of trouble.
Why was this book challenged?
• Profanity

• Portrayal of Jesus Christ

• Racial Slurs

• Violence

• Does not represent ‘traditional values’

• Being unsuited to age group
What restrictions were the challengers seeking?
In 2008 Challenged at Newton (IA) high school, because of profanity and portrayal of Jesus Christ.

In 2007 Challenged in Greencastle-Antrim (PA) Complaint filed because of racial slurs and profanity used in the novel. They wanted it taken out of the curriculum. Those who objected had a right to an alternative reading.
How did others in the community/country/world react?
About the Author
- born in Salinas, CA, 1902
- went to Stanford, but did not graduate
- became a free-lance writer in NYC
- Some of his most famous works consist of: Tortilla Flat (1935); In Dubious Battle (1936); Of Mice and Men (1937); and Grapes of Wrath (1939).
- won the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1962
- died in NYC in 1968

Where was this book challenged?
Of Mice and Men was banned in many different communities throughout the 1970's and '80's in the United States, and Ireland in 1953. The book was specifically banned in:
Syracuse, IN (1974)
Oil City, PA (1977)
Grand Blanc, MI (1979)
Continental, OH (1980).
Of Mice and Men was also challenged in Greenville, SC (1977); NY School District (1980); AZ (1981); and IN (1982).

What case was made against the book?
Many schools have banned Of Mice and Men after parents have reacted against the assignment in high schools.

Most schools have challenged and then banned John Steinbeck's book. But states such as KY, PA, and MN the book has been reinstated.

In PA, someone in Greencastle-Antrim school district challenged Of Mice and Men in 2006. The book had been taught there for over thirty years, so those who objectified were given a different assignment.
Parents and families of school students felt that the book was not age appropriate and included racial slurs,

Profanity, violence, and other nontraditional values that were not acceptable for their children and students to be susceptible to.
Was this challenge successful?
Our group's position
Should the book be banned or not?
Yes because it was agreed to allow students different assignments and avoid reading the novel.
.Of Mice and Men is protected under the First Amendment. Through the First Amendment, people are able to express ideas although they may be controversial. In Of mice and Men, the violence, profanity, use of God’s name in vain and the age appropriateness in the novel
were questionable but still protected under the First Amendment. Free speech and the right to express ideas are allowed and should even be encouraged in our world today. Of Mice and Men is nothing too obscene for audiences not to read and learn from. The only questionable aspect of the challenged prospects for Of Mice and Men is the age groups it should be allowed to be exposed to.
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