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Introduction of Korea Nursing

No description

jinoak kim

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction of Korea Nursing

3. The features of Korea Nursing
Nurse ought to do nursing for recuperation of Patient or procreation nursing and health acts that prescribed by the Presidential decree.
(Medical Law Section No. 2)
1. About Nursing at South Korea
Introduction of Korea Nursing
2.The History of Korea Nursing
2.The History of Korea Nursing
5) 1980 : Introducing the 'Community Health Practitioners System'.

6) 1989 : Hosted the 19th ICN Congress in Seoul.

7) 2006 : Produced the first APN.


*Clinical Nurse
Clinical Nurse assess physical examination and clinical symptoms

*Infection Control Nurse
Infection control nurse are responsible for the prevention and management of infection.

*Medical Computer Program Development Nurse

4. The role of the Korea Nurse
of Korea Nursing

jinoak Kim
Mihye Kim
1. About Nursing at South Korea
2. The history of Korea Nursing
3. The features of Korea Nursing
4. The role of the Korea Nurse
5. Hot topics of Korea nursing
6. Obstructive factors and opportunity factors of Korea nursing
Medical Law
1) 1903 : Established the first Nursing Education Institute
‘Pogunyoegwan Nurses Training School’.

2) 1923 : Established 'The Nurses Association
in Korea'

3) 1949 : Joined the ICN as a full member.

4) 1962 : Enforced nurse qualifying
exam as a national exam .

1) In the medical field activity area of nurse is to be subdivided.

2) The first women's professional careers in South Korea.

3) The number of Male nurses
is few for female's.

4. The role of the Korea Nurse
*Quality improvement Nurse
Nurse for improving the quality of medical policy

*Medical insurance review nurse
Medical insurance review nurse evaluates patient records to determine the medical necessity of treatment.

4. The role of the Korea Nurse
2) Community
*Primary Health Center Nurse
Health promotion planning of Community.

*Visiting nurse
Visit the patients who living
at home and provide nursing

4. The role of the Korea Nurse
*nursing home nurse
Establish and manage the nursing home or senior congregate housing.
4. The role of the Korea Nurse
*Aviation nurse or Airline nurse
They do their role such as caring health of crew, captain and staff.

*Industries nurse
And the main task of IN is health care
of the workers, safety management
of work place and environmental

4. The role of the Korea Nurse
*School nurse
school nurse is works are providing health services, health education, health care and counseling.

*Insurance company
When sign up for insurance, check
the past disease list of customer .

4. The role of the Korea Nurse

*Clinical research coordinator
Research by the protocol to proceed.

*Health researcher of Public institutions
Belong to Public institutions
that contribute to improving
the quality of
public health research.

4-year unified education system
Enactment nursing law
5. Hot topics of Korea nursing
*Obstructive factors
- Low public awareness for nurse
- Absence of nursing law
- Recognizing the nursing care as a service

*Opportunity factors
-Social demand about nursing is increasing
-Increased demand about high quality of nursing care.
-Various advance direction result from subdivision of medical field.
6.Obstructive factors and opportunity factors
of Korea nursing
Thank you for listening!
4. The role of the Korea Nurse
4) The number of practicing nurses is few the number of nursing graduates.
reference : http://stats.oecd.org/

7. reference

1) Hyejin Park(2003). Development and Application of the Computerized Nursing Process Program using Nursing Diagnosis-Outcome-Intervention (NANDA-NOC-NIC) Linkage. master's degree dissertation, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South of Korea.

2) Quality Improvement Nurse Society, research from http://qi.or.kr/about_qi/mission.php

3) Medical Insurance Review Nurses Association, research from http://www.casemanager.or.kr

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7) Korean Nurses Association, research from http://agora.koreanurse.or.kr

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