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Animal Abuse

No description

Randilyn Kelson

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse
By: Randilyn Kelson
How can i help abused animals?
Guiding Questions
Guiding Question 1
Guiding question 3
Guiding Question 4
Guiding question 2
What is animal abuse?
What is animal abuse?
Would a bigger shelter help abused animals?
What places take in abused or stray animals?
Why do people abuse animals?
WA-Spokane Valley
Jul 20, 2003 Cat doused with gasoline and setting it on fire
Burning - Fire or Fireworks
Jul 26, 2008 Dog hanged to death after attack
WA-Spokane Feb 8, 2012
About 30 animals found at home
Sep 26, 2011 Failure to provide vet care for pit bull
Neglect / Abandonment
Jun 22, 2009 Dog stolen from car, slammed into wall
Feb 20, 2010 Dogs poisoned with strychnine, three dead so far
WA-Newman Lake
Jan 29, 2011 120 animals seized, 75 more found dead
Hoarding ALLEGED
Essential Question
Would a bigger shelter help abused animals?
What places take in abused animals?
Why do people abuse animals?
What does animal abuse have to do with our planet?
About how many animals a day are abused in the usa?
Guiding question 5
Guiding questiuon 6
What does animal abuse have to do with our planet?
About how many animals each day are abused in the usa?
The End
Money for scraps$$$
Why I chose this topic
Thank you for watching.
When you see a stray or abused animal you can call your parents and have them call scraps and make sure the animal is heathy and sent to a good home.
Animals can be beaten tortured or being left out side with no food or water.
A bigger shelter would help because they would be able to home more animals.
Places like scraps humane society aspca and more.
People dont know what they are doing and beat them they also do it on purpose for a short or long while and people who like to hurt things and instead of people animals.
When people abuse animal we pay patrols to go out rome the naborhood and find the animal after they find the animal if whoever did it tirns themselvs in we might hove to go to court thats money and after all this all of that money could be going to schools
About 267 animal a day and in the world thats over 1,000 animals a day.
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