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Bobby Murcer

No description

Dillon Aduddell

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Bobby Murcer

Bobby Murcer
By:Dillon Aduddell

Bobby Murcer
This report is about a biography over Bobby Murcer
Early years
Bobby Murcer was born in 1945. In Bobby's early years he went to Southeast high school in Oklahoma city. He excelled in sports like football, baseball and basketball. He was the homecoming king in high school.
His Career
Bobby Murcer was a pro baseball player for 17 years(1965-1983). He played with the New York Yankees(twice) the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants. He was a Gold Glove winner and a 5 time all star. He led the American league in on base percentage in 1971, and in total runs and total bases in 1972. And even after he retired he became a broadcaster for the New York Yankees. He was one of the only one that hit 4 home runs in a row. He was a really good baseball player.
After he retired
After he retired he became a sports broadcaster. He move back to Edmond Oklahoma and lived there with his life till he died. He also co founded a large telecommunications business in the 90s.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
His battle with brain cancer
Bobby founded the Dewayne Murcer foundation. His brother lost his fight with cancer at a young age. Bobby was diagnosed with brain cancer and fought it for one year before he passed away in 2008. Bobby was a really good man who loved the Lord
In conclusion
In conclusion Bobby Murcer was a good baseball player and even better man.
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