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East Arkansas Business Incubator Blueprint

No description

David Ford

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of East Arkansas Business Incubator Blueprint

Strategy Recommendation

East Arkansas Business Incubator Blueprint
Advancing entrepreneurial development through business incubation
Recommendation 1: Diversity & Economic Inclusion
Recommendation 2: Affiliation
Recommendation 3: Create a Team
Our Region
Population: 50,902
Land size: 609 square miles
Persons below 18: 36%
Total number of firms: 3,399
Median Household Income: $35,264
The Effectiveness of Incubators
Recommendation 4: Engage Young Adults

5. Mentorship
6. Place and Space
7. Co-working and conference space

An Incubator is...
An incubator is not...
Types of Incubators
Opportunities in Transportation
I 40


Union Pacific Intermodal Facility

West Memphis-Crittenden County Port Authority
Regional Assets
Community Concerns
Mid South Community College

Bosch Tool Corporation

J.R Simplot Company

Langston Companies, Inc.

Warren Unilube (formerly Coastal Unilube, Inc.)

Schneider National Carriers

7000 incubators worldwide
1,100 business incubators in the U.S.
27,000 start-ups assisted
FT employment for 100,000 Americans
17 billion in revenue
8/10 incubator graduates remain their local communities
80% of graduates in 2005 remained in operation in 2010

Lean Model
Our Findings
Cultural observations from our Research
Visible and invisible entrepreneurs

Diversity lacking at many incubators

Our Opportunity
Engage all entrepreneurs

Leverage Crittenden Countys' cultural diversity

Create our regional front door

Expand the incubators scope of impact

Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Family Dollar Distribution Center

Ciba Chemicals

Southland Racing Corporation

Bosch Tools

FedEx Freight

Hino Motors Manufacturing USA

2. ...
3. ...
1. only for new start-up firms
2. They must be brick and mortar structures
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