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Positive Relationships Ahead

No description

Amy Warner

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Positive Relationships Ahead

Skill #1: Communication
This involves the transfer of all information, both verbally and non-verbally. The ability to communicate effectively involves active listening.
It is through good communication that we reveal and learn information about others and ourselves. And it is from this information that relationships are based upon.
Skill #1 (continued)
I value this skill as it helps me understand other’s thoughts and wants about, from and for me and of course vice versa.
I have learned that many arguments started with a lack of communication, or misinterpreted communication. These could easily have been resolved or avoided altogether with better communication. It is also very difficult to begin a relationship by finding common interests and bonding without some form of communication.
Skill #2 (continued)
Effective ways of managing decision making include: listing pros and cons, leaving time for thought and not letting stress get the better of you.
Decisions make actions. Actions determine how a relationship will change in the future. I value this skill as I think it is important for people to realise and decide upon their future. This is not to say everything must be planned upon, but it is a good idea to decide upon what one wants and expects from a relationship.
Skill #6: Consideration
This is the ability to think not only of yourself, but of others too. It consists of care, empathy and thoughtfulness for the other in the relationship. A positive, growing relationship will not exist if it were not for the existence of some sort of care for one another. This care is usually shown in the form of consideration which in turn is usually shown in the form of small actions. It could be as simple as remembering or thinking of your other, small acts like this can still make your other feel very special and positive. And one positively feeling person in a relationship will encourage the other to feel positive, particularly if it is communicated that feelings of positivity and happiness were caused by the consideration of the other.
Positive Relationship Achieved!
Positive Relationships Ahead
Hard work and time needed
Pitstop 2km

Effective decision making is the ability to think through and make the best choice you feel is for you. However this also involves managing indecision.
In a relationship, decision making is key in ascertaining the wants and needs of the individuals, but also as a pair, how the relationship will morph and change in the future.
Skill #2: Decision Making
Skill #3: Cooperation/Teamwork
Cooperation and teamwork is the ability to work together effectively in a relationship to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is not about one person doing all the work but about being able to “share the load”. It should be based around equality in the relationship and mutual respect. Both people need to be willing to cooperate for it to succeed.
Skill #3 (continued)
It is useful in relationships to support one another or become stronger as a team than alone. Sometimes all that is needed is to know you aren’t alone. I think this is an essential skill for relationships to work. Two people need to be compatible together for a positive relationship to be nurtured and developed. The entire point of relationships is to achieve things, together. That could be support or actual work. In order for that to be done effectively, equal efforts in teamwork is needed.
Skill #4: Conflict Resolution
The ability to resolve a conflict in a relationship will determine the state and time that the relationship continues in. Conflict is inevitable in all relationships and is unavoidable. The ability to completely resolve these conflicts is needed if one wishes the positive side of the relationship to continue. A big part of conflict resolution is the communication aspect. First of all however, either individually or together, you must determine the problems within the relationship. Most serious conflicts have roots in a deeper problem in the structure of the relationship. Once these are identified and acknowledged from both parties, it is easier to see whether or not they can be fixed.
Skill #4 (continued)
If a relationship has too many negative impacts for you, you may choose to not resolve a conflict. This is a perfectly acceptable decision. However, don’t give up too easily, some problems may be easier to fix than expected. To be able to resolve a problem however requires the desire to do so by both parties.
I think the ability to resolve conflict is very valuable in every relationship. Resolving conflicts is very difficult and may take a lot of time. This skill will help me upkeep current and future relationships. I want to be able to come back from any conflict in any of my future relationships and so this skill will require lots of time and effort.
Skill #5: Trust
For a positive relationship to remain positive, the capacity to trust the other person is definitely needed. Trust in a relationship is mainly in that the other person would not hurt you in any way. A lack of trust in a relationship can lead to insecurities and fear, negative emotions. Lack of trust can cut off honest communication and will make people shut you out or vice versa. Trust has helped me keep a positive outlook in relationships. It helps n times when emotional supports needed and can allow for the building deeper connections. I value this element of positive relationship as is very precious. Trust is very hard to build, yet very easy to break. You only realise you’ve had it once you’ve lost it and most of the time it n never be regained. In order to remain in secure relationships, trust is needed from both parties.
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