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Nil by:Lynne Matson

No description

Cecilia Carbonell

on 13 March 2016

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Transcript of Nil by:Lynne Matson

is fiction. It takes place on an island that is similar to Earth, but it is a different world. For example, only warm-blooded animals, except fish, live on Nil. The setting affects the plot because all of the teenagers who arrive on the island are used to having access to the necessities of life like buying food in stores and using their phones to help them. On Nil, they have to survive off of what is there and learn how to escape within one year.
Word Choice Continued
Figurative Language
Audience Involvement
Do you think you could get off this island before your time runs out?
by Lynne Matson

-In the beginning, the main character, Charley, a17 year old girl, tells you about her life. She is returning clothes to Target.
Word Choice
is written in present tense. Present tense helps make the book exciting to read because the reader is experiencing the events in the story as they are happening.
I think the theme is mainly survival because when the teenagers get sent to the island, they only have 365 days to get off, or they will die. The characters have to learn to survive, so they can get off the island. I also think the book is about putting someone else's needs before your own. At the end, Thad sends Charley home when he could have gone home because he wanted her to live.
"'Go,' I whispered, feeling renewed urgency. The gate hovered footsteps away, so close we were reflected as one. 'It's your time. See you on the other side.'" pg. 349 Thad is about to catch the gate home because he only has one more day until he dies. Charley tells him to go home because she has more time to get off the island. In the end, Thad throws her through the gate because he wants her to live.
Literary Critique
"Wow...AMAZING!!! I loved it. I loved the characters, the adventure, the romance, the writing style. Couldn't put it down!!" (goodreads.com)
Rising Action
- Charley suddenly wakes up on the island of Nil. She doesn't know where she is or how to get off the island. She meets a group of teenagers who had also landed there. They tell her she has 365 days to get off the island, or she will die. The teenagers have formed a city in order to survive their time on the island.

- Charley meets Thad, the leader of the teenagers. They fall in love and work together to find a gate to get off the island. The gates appear every day at noon. Together, they learn the patterns of the gates.
"Using bamboo as
and fronds as coverage, construction had taken most of the day, but the result was pretty awesome, not that there was anyone to see it." pg.21
"You'll Lead, but you'll never leave. Because you do not see. The blind leading the blind,
she'd cackled.
The blind leading the blind!
" pg. 216

This is an idiom because people say it is the blind leading the blind when a leader knows as little as his followers.

"ZERO excitement (how is this even possible?! There is a time limit. With DEATH at the end of it. Where is the urgency? Where is the sense of danger? I'll tell you where: NOT HERE.)" (goodreads.com)

Falling Action
- On Thad's 364th day, Thad throws Charley into the gate because he wants her to live more than he wants to live. When Charley wakes up, she is at home, and she pretends she has amnesia.
- Thad is able to get off of the island on his 365th day, and he comes to find Charley. They are reunited.
- a temporary structure for holding workers and materials during the erection, repair, or decoration of a building.
I agree with the first quote because I thought the book was always interesting. It was exciting to read about the new challenges the characters had to face. The author was able to describe the situations and settings to make the reader feel like they were experiencing it, too.
- "
Two days
, Nil giggled in the midnight breeze.
In two days, you can sleep all you want
." pg.329 This is personification because Nil is the island, and an island can't giggle.
-"I'd been out of the car for all of one minute, and I was already roasting like a skinny rotisserie chicken." pg. 1 This is a simile because Charley is comparing herself to a skinny rotisserie chicken with the word "like" because she feels like she is being roasted because it is so hot outside.

"Nights were pitch-black, full of claustrophobic, creepy darkness. Nights were when the shakes came, from cold, and from fear. I was absurdly terrified of nighttime critters, not just weird bird men or potential aliens." pgs. 24-25 I think the tone is fear because Charley it telling about how all of the creepy things come out at night and how it is pitch-black because there are no lights on the island. It shows that she is really afraid at night.
By: Cecilia Carbonell
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