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Masculinity and Femininity on T.V.

No description

Kristen McCauliff

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Masculinity and Femininity on T.V.

Femininity and Masculinity on Television

A complete lack of faith in men…and not at all representative of men
Clarissa Explains It All
Girl Power= niche in television market
* Became part of the media logic

What type of gender identity did it present for girls?
Girl Power Programming
Media visibility=empowering
BUT visibility is also a trap
What/who is visible??
Fake empowerment
Something used to make $ (Frank)
Liberal feminist agenda=accepted

“girlie” feminism

Different type of politics

Consumer culture=empowering
Current (post modern) world= a mediated, new type of feminism
Third Wave Feminism
Power of television (for good and bad)

Third wave feminist world we live in

Connection between male/female messages
Girls Rule! And Boys Drool (?)
On Television
Femininity and Masculinity
Male Caricatures

Attacks them for emotional ineptitude while attacking them for having emotions!
Dumb vs. Not a Man
Masculinity on T.V.
& in Advertising
Same or Different?
Particular type of citizenship

Empowered girl
Rejects boys (to a degree)
She’s social
She’s the lead
She’s complicated/contradictory
She’s “real”
Girl Power Programming
Using Feminism to Sell Stuff- helpful?
Hypermasculinity- Exaggerated masculine performances
Examples of tropes/themes:
1. Callus toward women/sex
2. Toughness over emotion
3. Drawn to risk and danger
How do the tropes of men and women work together? See the full video of Codes of Gender for more!
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