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Absence Management (NEW HIRE PRESENTATION)

Overview of our online substitute scheduling system, Aesop.

Substitute Office (CISD)

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Absence Management (NEW HIRE PRESENTATION)

There are currently two ways to access Absence Management:
Internet & Phone system.
Works best with Google Chrome.

Substitute can customize account to suit preferences
Since most substitutes utilize the internet based system, that is where we will spend most of our time today.
Phone instructions can be found in substitute packet
Two ½ day assignments on the same day.
It is possible – HOWEVER – if the job is not showing as AVAILABLE on your list, then you cannot accept it. We have schools with overlapping start and stop times at half day. You cannot work at a campus until 12 noon and then take a job at a campus that has an 11:30 a.m. start time.

Keep up with your confirmation numbers
Check your “Past Jobs” Tab
Log in to Employee Access to print and view your paycheck stubs

Absence Management Overview

Non-Work Days
Past Jobs/Assignment History

System Generated
Non-Work Days
You will receive a Welcome Letter from Kathlyn Crabtrey within the next 24-48 hours with your login information.

You will be eligible to substitute as SOON as you log in and set your preferences.

Other Preferences
Once You Log In:

You can cancel a job up to 30 minutes before the start time. After that, you MUST contact the CAMPUS
The Sub Office is not available until 8:00am and will not be able to help you.

HOWEVER, if you DO cancel your job within 18 hours of the start time, you will NOT be able to see any jobs for the next day until AFTER the start time. We do this for a couple of reasons:
18 hours gives the automated system time to locate another available substitute.
This should discourage last minute cancellations for a “better job.” Please be careful of the assignments you accept. Once accepted, that employee is expecting you to fill their role for the day.
Once you cancel a job, you will not be able to see it again.
Accept/Cancel Assignments
Canceling Assignments
Conroe ISD Absence Management Online Scheduling System
How to Get to Absence Management
NOTE: Absence Management does not have an app, but the mobile version is very user friendly
The first thing that will pop up is the notifications window (if there are notifications).
Special Positions
Long Term Positions
Special Certifications
First Things First! You will want to set your preferences.
3 months displayed
Green Days (Available)
Blue Days (Scheduled)
Grey Days (Non Work)
When accepting an assignment:
When canceling an assignment:
Non-Work Days
General non-work days are days that you can
schedule in as unavailable. Absence
Management allows you
to put in dates and times that you will be
unavailable, whether recurring or just for
one day.
System generated non-work days occur when
you cancel substitute assignments at the last
minute (within 18 hours of the start time).
System Highlights
NOTE: You are responsible for monitoring your assignments to make sure they are correct in the system.
First Class Email
Before we began the presentation, I had you set up your First Class Email.
If you have not already, please jot down your username and password in the front of your handbook so that you don't forget.
Benefits of First Class Email
• Easily contact CISD staff (and they can find you easily as well)
• Utilize the Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Conroe ISD – by utilizing VPN, you can access your personal information from home.
• Easily log in to staff computers during your substitute assignments. Without First Class, you have NO access to the CISD network or programs on the network.
There will be a couple of times where you will see bilingual or ESL assignments in your available jobs.

You are able to accept any assignment that shows up in your available jobs, however:
If you are not bilingual, it may not be the best option to accept a bilingual assignment. Why? In a bilingual classroom, the students know very little English and it may be hard for you to deliver the curriculum for that day.
With ESL classes, it may be easier because the students are now fluent in English, and just need assistance with comprehension.


Preferred Substitutes
Each employee has their own preferred substitutes list (sort of like a speed dial for substitutes)!
Each campus has their own preferred substitute list as well!
How Does This Benefit You?
For the first 10% of the lead time before an absence starts, the absence will ONLY be available to subs who are on a preferred list at the EMPLOYEE level.
You are also notified via email.

For the second 10% of the lead time before an absence starts, the absences are then released to preferred subs on the CAMPUS level.

Only after 20% of the lead time will the absence then be released to the entire substitute pool, which is the DISTRICT level.

If an employee puts in an absence at 8am on 09/23/2015 that
at 8am on 9/28/2015, there is
5 days
of lead time:
For the first 12 hours (10%) it will ONLY be available to subs who are on an EMPLOYEE level preferred list.
For the second 12 hours (another 10%) it will then be released to subs who are on a CAMPUS level preferred list.
Then, only after 24 hours (20%) at 8am on 09/24/2015, will it be released to all of the subs in the entire substitute pool-DISTRICT level.
For Example:
Assignment Lead Times
(the amount of time before an absence begins)
In our district, if an employee puts in an absence with less than 18 hours before the start time, Aesop overrides all preferred lists and releases the assignment to all substitutes.
Find This On The Website:
Employee Level
Campus Level
District Level
Here we have Test Substitute. According to the example, the absence was created on 09/23/2015 at 8:00AM. The time that this assignment will be available to Test Substitute depends upon which list Test Substitute is on:
09/23/2015 at 8:00AM
(Right away)
09/23/2015 at 8:00PM
(after 12 hours)
09/24/2015 @ 8:00AM
(after 24 hours)

The log in is typically your phone number, with your 4 digit birth year as the PIN; however,
Please wait to receive your email before you attempt to log in.
Accept or Reject
You do not have to click reject. It will eventually go away on its own.
Green Phone provides campus number if you have questions.
Orange Bubble provides Google map so that you can navigate your way to campus (We have over 60 campuses!!).
You will receive a drop down message with confirmation number once you have accepted an assignment.
From the Absence Management Homepage, you will click on the "Non-Work Days tab underneath the calendar.
The past jobs tab is important because it is how you are paid. Think of it as your time sheet. If the assignment that you worked shows up in the past jobs tab once complete, you will be paid for it.
Note: If you work an assignment and it does NOT show in your past jobs tab by the end of the day, contact the campus secretary ASAP so that it is resolved.
Both the campus & employee are able to specify certain subs as preferred, giving them preference over others. Substitutes on a preferred list are contacted first and/or have the ability to view the assignments online before their peers. There are currently 3 levels: District, Campus, and Employee. Everyone starts off on the DISTRICT list.
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