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A Trip to the Zoo

EFL and ESL Prezi for animal vocabulary, comparative adjectives and superlatives

Brandon Nascimento

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of A Trip to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo. A trip to the Zoo in Kaohsiung I went to the zoo last
month with my friends. This is Mike.
Say hello Mike.
Mike is riding
the bear like a cowboy, "yeeha". Let's meet my friends: Kaohsiung Mike took all of the
photos at the zoo.
Thanks Mike!
He's a great
photographer. This is
She is
They are
the USA.
What is Elen pointing at? This is Elen and David. Say hello to David, "hello David." David is Taiwanese, but he lived in the USA for three years.
David is very smart! This is Natasha,
my girlfriend.
Isn't she beautiful?
She is riding
a bear too. This is a Sun Bear.
The bear is taller than me.
This is not the tallest
bear though. The Polar
Bear is the tallest bear in
the world. I think bears
are cuter than dogs, but
bears are more dangerous
than dogs. Do you like
bears? I saw a bear when
I was camping one time.
The bear was nice and
didn't eat me fortunately. Hello lion. That's a good lion. You stay right there lion. Good lion. You're a sleepy lion. That's a nice lion. "rrrrrrr." Bye, bye. Nice hippo. Hippos are more dangerous than lions. Hippos kill more people than lions in Africa. Hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa. Hippos are cute though. I like how they move their little ears. What a beautiful donkey. Donkeys are fatter than horses. Horses are also faster than donkeys. I am too big to ride a donkey. If I got on a donkey I would break its back. This donkey is worried I might try
to ride it. Elen is giving this goat food. I kissed a goat at the zoo. Goats are funny, because they eat everything. A goat even tried to eat my shoe laces. This is an eagle. Eagles are
the biggest birds. This is a bald
eagle and it can easily eat a rabbit. Here is a sleeping rabbit. If the rabbit is not careful it will be eaten by an eagle. Rabbits are so cute. Another word for rabbit is bunny. Some people in the USA eat rabbits. Would you eat a rabbit? Elephants are the most beautiful animals. They are also smarter than most animals. I love elephants! Monkeys are the funniest animals.
This monkey was asking for food.
I gave the monkey a banana and she
didn't want mine. She threw it back at me.
My girlfriend gave the monkey her banana
and the monkey took her banana though. Kangaroos are weird. Kangaroos hop like rabbits and frogs, but they have big, long tails like a tiger. Kangaroo mothers have a pouch to hold their babies, which is so cute. Baby kangaroos are called joeys. Can you jump longer than a kangaroo?
Kangaroos are the
fastest jumping
animals. Koalas are so cute. They only eat the leaves of trees so they are not very fast. A koala is faster than a turtle, but it is slower than a monkey. Koalas and Kangaroos are from Australia. Australia has weird animals!
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